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Lessons Learned From Paranormal Investigation

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comParanormal investigation and ‘ghost hunting’ has become very popular in recent years. Due to many television shows and video channels dedicated to this subject, there are many new fans exploring the field. As a psychic medium and empath, as well as an amateur history enthusiast, I also enjoy investigating the paranormal as a matter of both professional and personal curiosity.

How do I associated my passion for history with the paranormal? Well, in my view ‘official’ history is mostly written by the wealthy and influential, but I personally wish to learn the true history and stories behind the official narrative. And what better way than to get the truth from those who actually lived and experienced those events personally. And since they are generally no longer present in this life, I need to seek them out in the afterlife.

I am currently a member of a local paranormal group in my area. I became interested in working with a paranormal investigation group especially because I wanted to obtain documented, technical evidence of what I have been seeing and hearing in my mind all my life. In return, I believe my gifts also enhance the investigations for the other members of the group.

I have noticed many other groups do not often get good leads on hot spots that are more ‘active’ than others, nor many significant results, even with all the modern technological devices available. But with our group I have had the privilege and good fortune of getting some decent voice recordings and photos, and profound experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to without the efforts and support of the group.

If you are keen to get to become a ‘ghost hunter’ too, there are several things I would suggest before you get started. Firstly, learn to meditate at least on a basic level, simply because it allows your spiritual or psychic ‘senses’ to better pick up on paranormal energies.

Manners are truly the most important thing in an investigation. Just like when you’re dealing with living people, you’ll get the best responses (and the best evidence of the paranormal) if you are on your best behavior ~  Amy Bruni

Also, learn to shield and protect yourself energetically – not all spirits are benevolent and friendly. In fact, some can be rather devious and mean-spirited! Unless you protect yourself, you are opening the door to things you do not wish to deal with. Psychic shielding and energy clearing with smudging are some ways you can accomplish personal protection during investigations. Educate yourself and stick to the basics – don’t get fancy or hurried.

I also strongly advise against antagonizing or challenging spirits to get an interaction. Furthermore, be sensible about where you choose to conduct investigations. There are certain places that are very popular and attractive to investigators to them, but always be sure you have permission from the owners and local authorities to investigate a place or area. Get permission first, because there may be some physical dangers you are not aware of and trespassing on a property can get you arrested.

You will need patience and resilience too. Remember, the paranormal investigations on television shows are edited, condensed versions of many hours of non-activity and a lot of waiting around for spirit interaction. Ghosts do not keep a schedule. Take breaks often and stay hydrated. This will help keep you at peak observational level.

Working alone is only recommended if you have many years of experience, and even then, it is best to have others present or nearby for safety and to corroborate any strange things that may occur ~ Zak Bagans

I recommend keeping a journal of each investigation, making notes as soon as possible afterwards. Journaling your experiences is helpful, should you decide to investigate a particular site again at another time. I would also strongly recommend attending a beginner’s investigation class or ask to first participate as an observer in local investigations before you try it on your own or join as an active member.

Finally, have fun with it. If you don’t experience a connection or significant event, there will be other times and other opportunities. Paranormal investigation is a journey, not a destination.

About The Author: Randy

Randy is a Clairvoyant, Empath and Remote Viewer, from Upper Louisiana who discovered and embraced his gifts after a life altering event that took away two of the most important people in his life. This hardworking, detailed and devoted Virgo has worked professionally as a psychic since 2000, and has skillfully applied his talents online, in person, on the radio and at renaissance fairs, psychic fairs, and expos. Randy can see images, symbols and remotely view any situation, clearly connecting his clients with the information he receives. His talents are so accurate and amazing, he's assisted law enforcement in North Alabama and Seattle, and has helped clients, family, and friends to find lost children, relatives and lost objects. Not only a reader, Randy is also a giver, raising money for charities, and helping others to expand their own gifts through teaching and mentoring. If you'd like to find solutions and a clear path, this sports medicine practitioner, athlete, coach, mentor, musician, and highly attuned reader has the all-psychic-pass you need to succeed! You can find Randy at

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