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You Can Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comEveryone can develop their psychic abilities. It is not a ‘gift,’ we are born with it. Here are a few tips on how to develop your psychic ability.

Get out in nature at least once a day. Take off your shoes, yes, even if it is cold out. Feel your feet on the earth and imagine you are a tree, and your feet have roots that bury deep within the earth. This is how you ‘connect’.

Picture the roots growing and getting deeper into the earth. Thank the earth for her gifts and ask for her to speak to you. You might feel a slight tingling in your feet and body! If you do not initially, eventually you will. Just keep practicing, even if you just start with a few minutes per day.

Once a day, also meditate. Turn off all electronics and do not be disturbed. Start with a few minutes and work your way up. Clear your mind of everything: every worry, every to-do list, every pain in your body. When a thought appears, put it on a cloud and ‘watch’ it drift away, and then refocus to ‘nothing.’

If it helps, try and ‘hear’ your heartbeat. Concentrate on hearing yourself breathe. If you are outside, which is best, try to hear the leaves rustle or the sound of birds. This will take practice, but this will allow messages to come in from spirit. Spirit will not be able to speak to you if you have a many other thoughts and worries going through your mind.

If you must, cover your eyes with a blindfold or anything else, to keep you from opening your eyes. Try and ‘see’ colors or shapes or patterns. Concentrate on that. This will also take practice, but do not give up.

After you master at least fifteen minutes of meditation, have a pen and paper nearby and write down every thought that comes in, every image that you see, every color or number that you see without thinking about it. You will be amazed what may come through!

But don’t fret, cosmic warriors: Your psychic gifts are never completely lost. Though it may require a bit of work to reignite these dormant skills… ~ Aliza Kelly Faragher

We are all connected to each other and to Spirit. If we listen we will hear. If we hear we will receive messages from Spirit. Yes, this seems too good to be true, but try meditating for five minutes with no thoughts of your own and you will find that it takes practice. This is well-worth the effort however, you will feel more guided, focused and self-confident in decision-making.

You will also learn to trust your gut instinct and find that it is always correct. You may even reconnect with loved ones that have passed. You will know and recognize eventually that these are not your own thoughts. Once you receive one message, you will recognize this feeling.

You are never alone. You are unfathomably loved. You are important. You are unique. Give love and you will receive more love than you can handle. May you be blessed.

About The Author: Kim

Kim's super power is The Art of Knowing, her Piscean gifts first revealing themselves to her at the age of 10. She could empathically tell what was inside a person, despite the outer shell they presented. She's had many prominent mentors to help guide her along the way, and she's mastered techniques that include energy work, auras, reading objects, Tarot reading, and communication with Spirit Guides. She remains active in the online community, engaging with many notable experts. Kim lives in Kingsville, MA, and has read for hundreds of clients around the world at fairs, events, and private parties. She's working on her Tarot Reader Certification, and continues to take classes to expand her gifts even further. Kim uniquely works in the dragon realm, and is able to share their powerful, protective, and positive gifts with others. Everyone has their own personal dragon with a specific purpose meant only for them. This magical new gift appeared quite out of the blue, and their message is blessed with love that others can instantly feel! Bi-weekly, Kim reads in her local café, her clients knowing where to reliably find their favorite reader! If you'd like a highly accurate reading from a compassionate Diviner who champions all, and especially those who don't fit in, you can find Kim at

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