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Connecting With Your Dragon Guides

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comDid you know you have dragon guides? Yes, we all do! Perhaps you have even more than one. Thousands of years ago dragons did exist in our world, even though today we see them as ‘fantasy’ creatures. Within every myth, legend and fairytale, there’s always some truth.

Just like everything else that we have ignorantly failed to understand throughout the course of human history, we were fearful and afraid of dragons. So, we took a ‘defensive’ approach by destroying them, instead of living in peace with them.

Dragons are highly intelligent creatures, much like the dolphins of today. They are also highly intuitive, and if we had chosen to work with them in the correct way while they were still here in our world, they could have been greatly beneficial to our lives. Instead, we extinguished them out of fear.

They came from another dimension to be with us on the Earth plane – most likely from the 5th dimension or beyond. By ‘dimension’ I mean a more intelligent and civilized plane of existence, where all creatures are more aware and considerate of the other beings around them.

I believe the dragons came here thousands of years ago to help us evolve and teach us to be more respectful of nature. But, after centuries of trying to co-exist with our violent, destructive species, they gave up and went back home to their higher dimension realm.

But you see, because they are so smart, they found another way to continue communicating with those of us who are open and willing to learn from them and today we can telepathically connect with them. Dragons are guides that come to us as spirit animals throughout our lives, depending upon what we are going through at that moment in time.

The Dragon is the symbol of primordial power. It is master of all elements: fire, water, air and earth. As a spirit guide, it makes a powerful ally in our daily life with its amazing restorative and potent qualities ~ Elena Harris

There are also different dragons for different purposes, often changing depending upon the circumstance.  If we are lonely and sad and in need of love, for example, one kind of dragon may become more prevalent in our life, but if we need courage and strength, then another will make itself known in our energy field.

I can see and feel different dragon guides when I do a reading. I first tap into the dragon’s color, and almost always that color has a significance to my client. I have had many interesting experiences with the dragons that I have discovered around people, and the significance they hold for each person. It is wise for us to acknowledge their presence in our lives.

About The Author: Kim

Kim's super power is The Art of Knowing, her Piscean gifts first revealing themselves to her at the age of 10. She could empathically tell what was inside a person, despite the outer shell they presented. She's had many prominent mentors to help guide her along the way, and she's mastered techniques that include energy work, auras, reading objects, Tarot reading, and communication with Spirit Guides. She remains active in the online community, engaging with many notable experts. Kim lives in Kingsville, MA, and has read for hundreds of clients around the world at fairs, events, and private parties. She's working on her Tarot Reader Certification, and continues to take classes to expand her gifts even further. Kim uniquely works in the dragon realm, and is able to share their powerful, protective, and positive gifts with others. Everyone has their own personal dragon with a specific purpose meant only for them. This magical new gift appeared quite out of the blue, and their message is blessed with love that others can instantly feel! Bi-weekly, Kim reads in her local café, her clients knowing where to reliably find their favorite reader! If you'd like a highly accurate reading from a compassionate Diviner who champions all, and especially those who don't fit in, you can find Kim at

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