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Accept The Past In Order To Move Forward

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAccepting the past, and letting it go, is often one of the most challenging issues that come up in the readings I do for clients. When things are not always going as they expect it to go in their lives, it is usually because the client is still stuck in the past, and unable to move forward.

The human body was made to walk forward, just like trains, boats and planes are designed to propel themselves forward. The human mind and spirit is designed to do the same. We are meant to move forward, learning, growing, expanding and evolving into the future.

The human body has eyes in the front of the skull, not in the back. We are meant to look forward, not backwards. The human body can walk backwards, if it absolutely has to, but it’s designed to be bi-regular in a forward direction.

But, if you are holding on to the past, or not willing to see it as being in the past, your subconscious mind and your soul remains in limbo. The greatest thing about the past is that we can learn from it, and observe what and how it affects us in the now. We also have the unique opportunity to change our outlook or approach to the present, based on the lessons of the past.

The greatest gift the human mind has is the ability to shift our perceptions, learn from our life experiences, and expand our horizons. We are able to examine how every past experience or circumstance affects our journey in the present, and we can also choose how we will perceive and acknowledge it as we move forward on our path.

In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself ~ Deepak Chopra

So, how do we allow the past to become a constructive part of our growth? Firstly, accept what was, as it was, and let it be. Next, go back and examine how the past is affecting your progress in the present. This should now be easier to do, because once you have made peace with what was, you can look at it more objectively.

Go back, look at the situation, and notice how you feel about it. Are there lingering resentments, doubts, fears, unresolved feelings that are getting in the way of you seeing things more clearly in the now? Truthful self-examination is the key to resolving the past, and moving forward. To make the past a positive learning experience we must accept it as the past. Secondly, we must accept it as a foundation for where we are right now.

You must also examine how the past is possibly holding you back. Then rewire how you feel about, and choose to see the situation differently if necessary, and put it in your mind that it is the past, not the present. Re-frame it in your mind. Visualize how you want to see the experiences of the past differently now, and then re-calibrate the emotions behind those experience.

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward ~ Steve Maraboli

Now, let me point out the biggest problem I see a lot of my client’s face in this matter. Many people, who are stuck in the past, have a major issue in common: they worry, or allow the opinions or approval of others influence their goals, dreams and realities. Here’s what I say to those thoughts and feelings: who cares what others think of your journey? It’s not theirs to complete, and it’s also not their shoes you are wearing to walk along your path.

Whose thoughts and feelings are most important? Your own, of course! Look in the mirror, and look deep into the eyes of who’s looking back at you, and learn to love that person, and accept that person’s past without further judgment or regret. Enough already! And lastly, do it for yourself, not for others.

About The Author: Randy

Randy is a powerful Clairvoyant, Empath and Remote Viewer, from Upper Louisiana, discovering and embracing his gifts after a life altering event that took away 2 of the most important people in his life. This hardworking, detailed and devoted Virgo has worked professionally as a Psychic, since 2000, and has skillfully applied his talents on radio, at local renaissance fairs, at local and regional psychic fairs, expos, online and in one-on-one individual client readings. Randy can see images, symbols and remotely view any situation, clearly connecting his clients with the information he receives. His talents are so accurate and amazing, he's assisted law enforcement in North Alabama and Seattle, and has helped clients, family, and friends to find lost children, relatives and lost objects. Not only a reader, Randy is also a giver, raising money for charities, and helping others to expand their own gifts through teaching and mentoring. If you'd like to find solutions and a clear path, this sports medicine practitioner, athlete, coach, mentor, musician, and highly attuned reader has the all-psychic-pass you need to succeed! You can find Randy at

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