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Take Advantage Of Today’s New Moon Energy

Click Here FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAlong with the Full Moon, the New Moon is one of the most defining phases of the lunar cycle, because the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in perfect alignment during this phase. This month’s New Moon occurs today, in the mid-morning hours, while the Dark Moon happened last night. Both phases are potent to utilize intentionally.

The lunar phases are known to affect the ocean tides and all water on the Earth. Similarly, in Astrology, the Moon represents everything associated with the water element, such as our mood, emotions and dreams. The Moon in our natal chart also shapes the blueprint of our inherent skills, gifts, talents, and psychic abilities.

Since ancient times, the lunar cycle has been utilized as a tool for conscious creating, manifesting and spiritual practice. In the case of the New Moon, the Moon find itself directly between the Earth and the Sun. It reaches a point when it becomes totally ‘dark,’ with no sunlight illuminating it at all. The Moon then emerges again as a tiny sliver of light, known as the New Moon.

The transition into the New Moon actually presents us with two powerful points of lunar energy to work with – both the Dark Moon’s total blackout, and New Moon’s re-illumination.

The Dark Moon is a short but powerful time for soul-searching. It is the deep ‘cocoon phase,’ before the shell of rebirth cracks open. It represents a moment of release of that which is no longer serving us. The Dark Moon is the ideal time to enter into stillness, re-evaluate goals, and plant new seeds of desire. The darkness is a potent point of creativity. Pay close attention to any dreams or visions you may had in the past 24 hours. It is worth being very intentional at this time of the month.

Welcome to the very beginning of the lunar cycle – which brings us the energy of a fresh start and a chance to set new personal goals. The new moon brings us a cosmic clean slate on a monthly basis that allows us to reset, recharge, and refocus ~ Nina Kahn

With the re-illumination of the Moon, we begin our personal reemergence and rebirth for the month ahead. This week is a time of renewal and transformational energy. Use the New Moon’s energy today to set new goals and intentions for your future, be it short or long-term. Write down goals and set clear intentions. Be aware of what you are creating and intending to manifest in your life.

This month’s New Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is all about co-creating with the natural rhythms of the planet, and weaving within divine time. It understands inherently that we create with the universal mysteries, as much as they direct us. Virgo represents the healing energy of the High Priestess in each of us, so it is a good time to focus on healing the physical body. Utilize the power of the Moon to intentionally assist this process over the next month.

Virgo’s ability to keep it real, and cut through the nonsense and mental clutter, will also help us to face some harsh truths about ourselves, and where we are at in our lives. Use today’s New Moon energy to get to the heart of the matter, and confront what needs to be done.

About The Author: Suzenn

Suzenn is a gifted intuitive reader, channel, counselor and guide, and is currently a staple at two local fairs in Texas, where she currently resides. She has been providing accurate readings for over twenty-two years, and she has followed the synchronicities that have led her to new and exciting territories, outside the norm. Her practice has included readings at a large metaphysical bookstore, at conventions, and for clients on-line, all of which have helped her to cultivate an established client base. Clients include CEOs, fitness personalities, and she's the reader that other psychics go to for advice! Her readings include remote energy sessions, Mediumship, inner child healing, chakra balancing and psych-soma healing. If you'd like to experience a major shift in your life, release past trauma, or just be able to embrace your inner child, you'll not encounter a more caring, non-judgmental, and uniquely gifted reader. You can find Suzenn at

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