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Venus In Your Astrology Chart

Click Here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMost people are familiar with their Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, but Astrology goes so much deeper than that. For example, if your birth sign is Scorpio, you could have Venus in Leo, which would make you more expressive and spontaneous in relationships.

Venus, the planet of romance and relationships, plays a significant role in how we approach love and passion in our lives. Below is a list of all the zodiac signs and how they may be influenced by Venus in you and your partner’s chart.


There is never a dull moment with Venus in Aries. They are adventurous, intense and will let the world know that you give them meaning. They are a sucker for love at first sight and typically enjoy showing you off.

However, as quick as Aries can fall in love, they can also lose interest, if it’s ‘too much, too soon.’ Aries usually act on impulse and enjoy the chase, so don’t smother them because they love to hunt.


Taurus brings a lot of stability and grounding energy to a relationship. They prefer enjoying private moments in the comfort of home, or watching the sunset. They are sensual and enjoy indulging in fine dining and luxury.

Taurus also prefers for relationships to grow organically and are big on developing a strong bond that can withstand any storm. Slow and steady wins the race, so don’t get too pushy or demanding, because they will turn to stone.

By identifying your Venus placement, you can get a closer look into the things you need from others and why you feel the way that you do ~ Madison Kerth


Gemini are the life of the party and prefer a multidimensional partner that can keep up with them. They are big on communication and love anything that gets their mind ticking or heart racing.

At times, dating a Gemini can be stressful, since they experience bouts of ‘attention deficit’ and may even ghost you if they aren’t really ready for love. They are also prone to bipolar cycles of high and low energy, so expect the unexpected!


Cancers are some of the most nurturing and caring partners of the zodiac. They love cooking a good meal, getting together with their closest friends and letting you know that loyalty is everything.

However, Cancers can become difficult to deal with in a relationships, especially if they have been hurt in the past or lost someone they thought was their soulmate. They can also be extremely moody on a bad day, and will expect you to join in on their ‘pity party.’


Being with a Leo is like being with a big kid who wants to conquer the world, and have you as their partner in crime. They are natural flirts, but very devoted to the ones they love.

Leos can become challenging to deal with if they aren’t being given enough attention or stimulation. Like most fire signs, they are prone to falling in love overnight and then putting little effort into making it a reality the following week.


Virgos are one of the most practical, caring and devoted signs. They want to know their partner has similar values and willing to go through life’s ups and downs, no matter how challenging it gets.

However, Virgos tend to get obsessive if something isn’t in perfect place or seems off. They will hold a grudge and are fabulous at being passive-aggressive when they feel snubbed or misunderstood.


Libra is in love with love and prefers a more traditional courtship before totally committing. They love a fairytale romance and tend to bring a harmonious approach to dealing with conflict.

If your Libra lover isn’t feeling appreciated or valued, expect them to begin doubting and questioning if the partnership is really meant to be. They also have a jealous side to them that will come out if you are giving more attention to someone else.

Venus reveals our idealization of love and beauty. Though Venus’s desires are alluring, they don’t necessarily translate to reality or – perhaps even more importantly – what is actually sustainable for our souls ~ Aliza Kelly Faragher


Scorpios are intense, exotic and mysterious lovers, who will go to war for you to show how serious they are. They like to dig deep and look for people with soul and substance.

They tend to be secretive at first, because they hate feeling vulnerable or exposed. Scorpios can also resort to testing you multiple times, to see if you are loyal, trustworthy and drama-free.


Sagittarius has a fabulous sense of humor and they are some of the most genuine partners, who love to live on the wild side. They are all about freedom and totally owning their individuality, because they are one of a kind.

However, this restless sign can roam from one partner and place to the next if they haven’t found their purpose. They can also be forgetful and demand their space, in order to totally focus on saving the world.


Capricorns tend to treat love like business, so expect romance to come after they have questioned you on every aspect of who you are. They have the biggest hearts, but need to know that you are as serious as they are, before they will really open up.

Note, if you have too many flaws or shortcomings, Capricorn won’t stick around to fix the problem, because they want a power player as a partner. You will probably not get an explanation as to why it won’t work out, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.


This sign brings out a non-judgmental, open-minded approach to love. If you are from a another country or culture, Aquarius will look for your similarities versus your differences. They appreciate the arts and anything that brings more wisdom to their eclectic world.

Aquarius will become aloof and cold if they aren’t totally feeling you or are overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities. If you are the kind of person that needs constant reassurance,  walk away because you won’t get it from this sign.


Pisces are compassionate, poetic and spiritual lovers who want someone that will intuitively understand what they want and need. They look for romantic fantasies and will sweep you off your feet with their energy.

When Pisces is going through a tough time, they can become codependent, clingy, or even prone to addictions to help them cope. Pisces also fear abandonment and can become emotionally manipulative if they think you are losing interest.

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