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Moon Magic

Click Here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMoon magic and rituals have been practiced as long as man has recorded history. Due to its proximity to the Earth, the Moon exerts a gravitational pull over the planet, affecting the tides and influencing plants, animals and humans alike.

By knowing the phases of the Moon and how they are affecting us, we can begin to harness the energy. Staying aware allows the ability to consciously work within the energy in a productive, harmonious way.

When working with the moon phases, set aside time to do little ritual vocalizing or writing out intentions, ideas, and desires, while working with stones, candles, oils or whatever feels most beneficial at time, to make the most of the energies and work a little moon magic.

Dark Moon

Dark Moon is the 21 to 26 hour period where the Moon is completely dark, with no reflection of sunlight. The Dark Moon is a powerful time for soul searching. In this time go in to stillness, identify goals, and plant seeds of desire. Also, pay close attention to any dreams or visions.

New Moon

New Moon is short period of a few days encompassing the Dark Moon, after which a tiny sliver of moon is reflected by the Sun. During the New Moon build on the intentions uncovered by doing vision work, releasing fear, and leaning into faith.

The moon is considered one of the most powerful forces to affect magical energy ~ Mackenzie Sage Wright

Waxing Crescent

The Waxing Moon is a time of new beginnings and opportunities for personal growth. In this phase the Moon is growing, and with it the emergence of light, ideas, stepping stones and tools to advance your intentions.

First Quarter

In the first quarter the attraction energies are building.  Allow the details of intentions and plans to show up. Breathe through uncertainty by holding ideas and intentions in a space of gratitude and release.

Waxing Gibbous

The Waxing Gibbous is when the Moon appears to be more than one-half, but not fully illuminated by the Sun. The fraction of the Moon’s disk that is illuminated is increasing, hence it is ‘waxing.’ The Moon is now building in intensity, while challenges and blocks may become more apparent. Use this time to stay focused on any goals, while remaining flexible to opportunities that come to light.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is a very powerful time, that can be used constructively or destructively. It is a time of emotional illumination and seeing the emotional body, bringing light to dark, hidden places and any internal patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. It can also be a time of harvest or fruition, so it is also important to focus on gratitude.

Today, moon ritual carries just as much sacredness and brings a beautifully primal practice into the modern world. It’s something we desperately need in our always-looking-at-a-screen way of life ~ Jennifer Racioppi

Waning Gibbous

At this time focus on what is not working and any issues that may have been revealed with the Full Moon. Anchor any accomplishments or achievements.

Last Quarter

During the last quarter begin releasing what isn’t needed and let it go with grace. It’s a time to let go of judgment, past wounds and old toxicity.

Waning Crescent

As the Moon goes darker, it is time to bring the focus within and explore the inner reality. It is the time to pull energies in, surrender, relax, and recharge. It is a time for recharging for the bodies – mental, emotional and physical, preparing for the next cycle.

About The Author: Suzenn

Suzenn is a gifted intuitive reader, channel, counselor and guide, and is currently a staple at two local fairs in Texas, where she currently resides. She has been providing accurate readings for over twenty-two years, and she has followed the synchronicities that have led her to new and exciting territories, outside the norm. Her practice has included readings at a large metaphysical bookstore, at conventions, and for clients on-line, all of which have helped her to cultivate an established client base. Clients include CEOs, fitness personalities, and she's the reader that other psychics go to for advice! Her readings include remote energy sessions, Mediumship, inner child healing, chakra balancing and psych-soma healing. If you'd like to experience a major shift in your life, release past trauma, or just be able to embrace your inner child, you'll not encounter a more caring, non-judgmental, and uniquely gifted reader. You can find Suzenn at

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