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The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Ghost Ships

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe mysterious phenomenon of ghost ships has been around for centuries, and is still encountered once in a while, up to this day. The subject has always fascinated me!

Many people have sworn over the years that they had witnessed missing ships still sailing aimlessly on the high seas. It turned out that some of these ships were real and very much intact, but missing its captain and human crew members.

One of the vessels that have been found with much mystery attached to it is the MV Joyita, a merchant vessel from which all the passengers and crew mysteriously disappeared in the South Pacific in 1955. The merchant ship, carrying a cargo of medical supplies and 25 passengers, was headed for the Tokelau Islands. She never reached her destination.

The MV Joyita was searched for extensively, but there was no sign of the ship. Five weeks later the ship was found. All of the passengers and the crew were missing; and all of the clocks had stopped at the time of 10:25. What actually happened remains a mystery to this day.

In the year 1750, there was another merchant ship named the Sea Bird. She was headed home to Newport, Rhode Island, and a man named John Durham was her captain. She never did make it to port, but was seen drifting off the Rhode Island coast. She ran aground on Easton Beach. When the ship was boarded, a very happy and healthy dog and cat were found But, the crew was missing!

Mystery, fear, enigma encompass the seafaring ghost ships’, or phantom ships’ tales that has been passed around throughout centuries by sailors, anglers and others ~ Soumyajit Dasgupta

The most puzzling part is that prepared breakfast food was found on the table, and you could even smell tobacco smoke. Money was also found in the captain’s chamber, untouched, ruling out a robbery. Even more puzzling is the fact that two hours before another boat passed the Sea Bird, and the captain waved to Captain Durham. He did not wave back. What really happened? The mystery has never been solved.

Ghost ship encounters have many possible explanations. There is the theory of time travel, and of inter-dimensional travel. The inter-dimensional realm could be the very same thing as different realms of the astral world. And sometimes the astral world does indeed collide with our own, very dense physical plane. Could it be that the people on these ships entered into some kind of a time warp or alternate reality? Or maybe this was due to inter-dimensional or astral travel? There is a theory of parallel universes, which speculates that there are other dimensions or worlds where beings are busy living and working at their own lives, and they are oblivious of any other worlds or beings occupying the same space, while living in their own world. Could this be an explanation for the missing people that somehow vanished from these ships?

There is also the story of another ship, straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. This ship, known as the Flying Dutchman was captained by the famous Davy Jones. According to legend the Flying Dutchman collects all the poor souls who die at sea.

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds ~ Aristotle Onassis

In the year 1641, Captain Hendrick Van der Decken was returning from the East Indies, with a full cargo of spices, silks, and other finery. The ship was returning to Amsterdam. She ran into a very bad storm, and the Dutch Captain was determined to make it through. The storm proved to be too much, and the ship sank in South African waters.

Now occasionally the Flying Dutchman is still reported to be seen by sailors and fisherman in the area. Some take this to be an omen or foreboding of imminent danger. It is s known as the ‘curse of the Flying Dutchman.’ Could this paranormal phenomenon be an astral apparition of the devoted captain and crew actually warning and saving other ships and their crews from danger at sea? Maybe someday the truth will be revealed to us, in this life… or the next.

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