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Managing The Blocks To Manifesting

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIt’s no longer a ‘secret’ that we contribute to and shape what comes in to our lives. The art of manifesting, or co-creating, is influenced heavily by the soul’s individual frequencies or vibrations. The key to controlling the process is to heal and clear emotional states or patterns that present an energetic block to it, resulting in a partial result, no result, or even a reverse result. I call this counter-manifesting and it often occurs unconsciously, which is typically the more powerful form of creating.

The idea that we co-create can be somewhat challenging to accept and itself may come with an attachment of fear due to the level of personal responsibility involved. It’s much easier to say it was God’s plan, or the Universe sent this, than to accept that within yourself you are having a hand in the show.

It important to understand that to manifest and create, self-awareness and self-love are key driving factors and involves acceptance of the whole self, including the ego and shadow self. This process directly impacts an individual’s level of self-worth and value. Without being at a level of deserving and in a receiving frequency it can be difficult, or almost impossible to manifest.

When we start to focus on what we are trying to manifest in our lives, such as financial abundance, a loving relationship, a job, losing weight, and so on, we have to be aware of what unconscious patterning from our upbringing, or even from past lives, may be coming into play. We may also counter-manifest by being fearful that something will not come in. Ignoring or suppressing negative emotions results in stuck energy in the emotional body.

When you have done your part it’s time to release your work into the universe and let it do its part ~ Maria Erving

When trying to create something in your life pay attention to the initial self-talk that happens when you start thinking about your goal. Is it negative? Notice when you are feeling fearful of a result that you are not wanting, and focusing on that.  Also, be aware that putting out the energy of desperately wanting something is projecting a frequency of lack, which creates just that! These are all ways of counter-manifesting and offsetting any positive intention you may be putting out.

Being triggered by something, or having a negative experience, is life’s way of pointing out our inner wounds, so we can heal and love them to wholeness. Tune in to yourself and allow your whole emotional process, including love, joy, excitement, peace, as well as anger, sadness, hurt, defensiveness, and so on. Acknowledging and expressing all your emotions is the easiest way to flow through them, putting you back at a point of pure creativity where you can take your power back. From this point, you can look at giving love to and re-patterning any wound that is currently holding you back from manifesting what you truly desire.

Envision yourself attaining your desire, then note what that feels like. Hold the focus on that feeling, instead of just being in the space of wanting something.

It’s important to understand that manifesting also entails being authentic to who you truly are and owning all the parts of yourself. This will also keep you from giving your power and ability to manifest away to others.

You must give your energy and time to that which you wish to cultivate rather than to resisting that which you don’t want. Remember, you only have so much energy to go around, use it to help and not hinder yourself! ~ Akiroq Brost

Release attachment to an outcome or what exactly that looks like, as the Universe will respond in a way that is in your highest good. This may not look like what you think it should and it’s important to stay open to all possibilities. For example, staying fixated on one person as being the only one for you, but who is really there to help prepare you for the one who will be, is keeping out the true desired result. Each experience is a building block to the desired outcome. When you finally arrive, there will be no question that you are there.

The key to empowered manifesting is for the self to be resonating at a frequency that matches the desired outcome. Create your life by setting intention for what you desire to manifest and then let it go. Release your limited notion of what it must look like and how it must come about, by focusing on cleaning and clearing the self and inner blocks to let it manifest. This puts us in a more a spiritually abundant place to truly create. When you are whole and already complete within yourself, you can create the space to step out of judgment of self and others, release negative patterns and fears and step in to living your truly inspired life.

About The Author: Suzenn

Suzenn is a gifted intuitive reader, channel, counselor and guide, and is currently a staple at two local fairs in Texas, where she currently resides. She has been providing accurate readings for over twenty-two years, and she has followed the synchronicities that have led her to new and exciting territories, outside the norm. Her practice has included readings at a large metaphysical bookstore, at conventions, and for clients on-line, all of which have helped her to cultivate an established client base. Clients include CEOs, fitness personalities, and she's the reader that other psychics go to for advice! Her readings include remote energy sessions, Mediumship, inner child healing, chakra balancing and psych-soma healing. If you'd like to experience a major shift in your life, release past trauma, or just be able to embrace your inner child, you'll not encounter a more caring, non-judgmental, and uniquely gifted reader. You can find Suzenn at

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