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I Have Looked At Life From Both Sides Now – Part 3

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The walls! The walls were painted a beautiful, deep pink color. I looked at the floor. It was a vibrant, silver shade, that seemed to be alive and sparkling. A nurse came to see me and said, “Well you are awake now. Welcome! You are now back in the true world.”

“Where are my daughters?” I asked.

“They are still in the dense Earth dimension, where you have just come from. They will be alright,” she replied. “When you are ready, you can visit them any time. But right now we must get you dressed. You have some family and friends waiting to see you. Your clothes are on the chair, right beside you, so get ready to meet with them.”

After I got dressed, I walked down a hallway into a dark room. All of a sudden I heard, “Surprise! This is the day of your birth on the other side!

We will know each other after death, and we will absolutely see our loved ones. Soon after leaving my body, I was greeted by a group of beings who were simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar ~ Mary Neal

I was surprised by a large group of people waiting for me. Everyone that I ever knew was there, from this lifetime and many other lifetimes before. Everyone looked so beautiful and full of shining Light. It was a brilliant moment of supreme happiness for me.

So many loved ones were there. People that I have had loving relationships with. Even the people who were my ‘enemies’ at some point, we all had mutual love for each other. Shakespeare was right. In every life, each person plays many different roles (or something to that effect).

Everything now became crystal clear to me. We make soul agreements before being born into the Earth plane. We agree to act out difficult relationships, and negative emotions, to see how well we could handle these difficulties. While going through these times, I would frequently say, “God, are you testing me or something?” Now I knew the answer.

I grew up all my life terrified of dying, afraid of the pain and afraid of the unknown. But peace and love surrounded every moment of my death and now I know death is nothing to be afraid of ~ Crystal McVea

After this grand ‘birthday’ party, my nurse, who I now recognized as Brigid my spirit guide (she has been with me for a very long time) told me that I could now enter into a period of rest again, if that is my wish. My Astral Body would be dislodged and I will be living in my Mental Body (my consciousness). In this state I will be very close to my pure spirit form.

“Yes, I want to do that,” I decided. But first I wanted to visit my daughters, for I missed them greatly. I needed to see them again.

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