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I Have Looked At Life From Both Sides Now – Part 2

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Did I mention that I have two beautiful girls, now both in their twenties? We call my oldest daughter Jersey Jean. This has been her nickname since childhood. And what a talented miss she is! She is into music. She plays the guitar and piano, and she is also a very good singer. Jersey Jean did college for one year, and then dropped out, and did much performing. I am grateful for this and proud of her for sticking with what she really wanted to do.

My younger daughter Lizbeth has a completely different personality. She is also artistic, but her talent is in fashion design. She completed her schooling and has been working for a famous designer for the past year. And we had some great news! She created her own special clothing selection, was noticed and now she is getting ready for her first showing. I know, with her artistic ways, that she will achieve her dream of being famous one day.

By now I have figured out that I am in the hospital. How and why I am here, is still not clear to me. I was talking to my friend Paula on the phone. The I felt dizziness and a searing, but brief pain up through my neck and head. After that I don’t remember anything.

Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood ~ Madame Marie Curie

Apparently, Paula heard me fall to the floor. She called the ambulance and that is how I ended up here. My girls come to visit me. I hear the doctor say the word “stroke.” I see them both crying. I am talking to them, but they do not hear me. I tell them that I am alright.

My tiredness is diminishing. I am becoming more awake. I am getting out of bed. I am shouting at them. I will go and find my doctor, then he will tell you that I am okay! I go into the hallway. It’s strange… no one is noticing me? Then, very frustrated, I feel tired and go back to my bed.

I sleep very well, and I awake feeling fresh. I am still in the hospital, but everything looks a bit different.

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