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Meditation Makes You Depressed? Nonsense!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI recently heard someone say that meditation makes them feel “depressed.” Really? Not dealing with issues is what makes us depressed, not meditation!

Suppressing our old hurts or fears can cause depression. What we do, typically, is to layer “fun”, mindless entertainment and other frivolous distractions on top of the stinking swamp of our unhealed wounds – be they soul wounds or childhood wounds, or anything in between. This is like using air freshener, rather than take out the garbage.

The pursuit of “fun” is the modern drug of choice. We self-medicate by shopping on credit, forcing ourselves into insane “adventures”, attending endless social events, indulging in sexual excess, overeating, abusing drugs and alcohol, or participating in yet another spiritual workshop, seminar or retreat that promises to be the ultimate solution to our life. We indulge in these hedonistic pursuits to keep our oozing emotional wounds in check.

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom ~ Buddha

Sadly, like untreated cancer, suppressed emotions do metastasize. The layers of distractions cause side effects to leak out, and ultimately infect and affect all our behaviors. Lying becomes second nature. It starts out as small white lies, in order to fit in socially, and continues to grow as one begins to build an alternate reality, an alternate self. “I have made the best of it, I am good, I am happy. Look at me.”  It becomes really convoluted and people start to believe their own lies; they believe in their imaginary construct of self.

There is no freedom in this path of excess and denial, only endless work to hold all the growing, loose, frayed ends together.

Meditation in this context is a healer. Like all natural approaches to healing, it takes you to the roots of the cause, so you can excavate the weeds, rather than simply mow down growth that will keep coming back. The tapestry we constructed will be slowly untangled and disassembled, and the empty spaces thus created will be lovingly filled with a different kind of energetic focus.

Rather than spending all of one’s energy maintaining the construct, meditation and other forms of spiritual practice enables us to spend energy contacting and communing with our Higher Self or Soul Energy, and with spiritual forces, guides, angels, nature beings, animal souls, and more. Real fun begins to emerge because we can now actually enjoy what is happening in our life, rather than using cheap thrills and external events as painkillers.

Relieving this pressure during meditation can feel like depression, but in reality it is letting steam out of the pressure cooker. When one has lived with that pressure for years, backing off from that can, at first, feel like one is dying or getting worse, rather than actually regaining one’s life force. Like lancing an infected wound, you are saving your life when you meditate. Persist. The healing has begun and it will take you to a wondrous new place.

About The Author: Nonna

Nonna lives in Southern California, and is a professor of psychology and a teacher of psychic development, energy work and meditation, who has recently finished her PhD. She has been a counselor for both humans and animals for thirty years, removing energy blocks through her expertise in the spiritual arts. She also has numerous years of study and practice with classic psychological therapeutic models, family work, twelve-step processes, nutritional and body/mind/spirit healing, complementary, alternative, and quantum medicine. Nonna is brilliant at unearthing the gems in every client's soul and polishing them to a fine finish. To release your own soul's sparkle, contact Nonna at

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