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The Fascinating Legacy Of Edgar Cayce

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have been an avid student of Edgar Cayce’s work since my youth. My advice to the younger generation, as well as newcomers of all ages who are interested in metaphysics and psychic phenomena: please read about Edgar Cayce. He is the most documented psychic in history. Study his material; much has been written about him.

Edgar Cayce was born in 1877 and came from a southern Protestant background. He studied the Bible and displayed psychic and mediumship abilities from a young age. He could talk to his deceased grandfather at the age of seven. He was lucky enough to have an open-minded mother, who recognized and nurtured her son’s special gifts.

All you may know of heaven or hell is within your own self ~ Edgar Cayce

Located in Virginia Beach is Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), where over 14,0000, documented readings by Cayce are stored in the archives. He is also known as The Man of Miracles, and The Sleeping Prophet. He gave his readings by going into a trance and tapping into the Universal Consciousness.

He did not start out in life being a psychic reader; this happened quite by accident. When he was in his early 20s, he developed a case of laryngitis and could hardly speak. He tried remedies that were prescribed by his doctors, but to no avail. He still couldn’t speak. So, he decided to try hypnosis, and in the hypnotic state he prescribed his own remedy, which worked and he was ultimately cured.

When this news became known, a doctor took an interest thinking he could possibly do the same for other people. It worked. While in the state of hypnosis Cayce was able to diagnose and prescribed different remedies for many, many people. While in a trance state, all it took was the name of the person that he was to read for. I believe he did around 9,000 of these readings and the people who followed his advice were healed of their various medical conditions. It was fantastic, because Cayce had no medical training and only completed the eighth grade in school. Cayce even recommended certain doctors for some of these patients.

Another subject that he tapped into was the Cosmos. He gave meanings to the different planets of our galaxy:

  • The first planet is Mercury, which is closest to the Sun. Mercury is the fastest planet and is the ruler of mental abilities.
  • The second planet is Venus. It is the brightest of planets and relates to all aspects of love, including love of aesthetics, and it is a fourth dimensional planet.
  • The next planet is Earth, which is three dimensional. The souls who are on Earth get to apply everything that they have learned from living on other planets.
  • The fourth planet is Mars. It is a single dimensional planet named after the god of war, and it rules energy and activity.
  • The fifth planet is Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system. It represents broadness of vision and teaches leadership.
  • The sixth planet is Saturn. It represents harvest time and sudden changes. This is the realm where souls go to reform. I see it as a reconditioning for the soul. It is a multi-dimensional planet.
  • The next planet is Uranus, which represents the deity of sky and is the realm of extremes – either very good or very bad! It is an eight-dimensional planet and it also rules psychic abilities.
  • The next planet is Neptune. It represents the sojourn of mysticism and has many dimensions.
  • The last planet is Pluto, also known as Vulcan or Septimus. The planetary sojourn is of self-centeredness and it is a negative influence.

The conquering of self is truly greater than were one to conquer many worlds ~ Edgar Cayce

I have only touched very briefly on Cayce’s description of planetary influences, I am sure he wrote much more about this subject. Cayce claims that each one of us has sojourned on many different planetary systems. I find this very exciting. Each human body is likened to be like a radio station, taking different vibrations from the different planets. We resonate to the Universe, according to the experiences we had on different planets.

Someone once wanted an astrological reading from Cayce. At the end of the reading he said this person was once a monk in a previous life. Cayce was surprised, because personally he did not believe in reincarnation. He then researched reincarnation and found it to be true. He learned about the passage of the soul through time and space.

He also touched on the life of Jesus the Christ. He talks about the three groups of Jewish philosophies. Jesus belonged to the Essesenes. When the dead sea scrolls were discovered, they told much about the  life and times of Jesus. Cayce wrote about the life and times of Jesus. It is fascinating.

Cayce received much of his information from the Akashic record. This is also known as the Book of Life. It is the store house of all knowledge of every word, thought, deed, feeling and intent of every soul on Earth. There is so much to be learned by studying the legacy of great psychic of the 20th century.

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Gabrielle-Claire is a spiritualist psychic reader who channels the messages her Guides provide. She is also a gifted psychic healer who has studied with some of the finest metaphysical teachers, including a renowned healer of the Aquarian Foundation. Through her connection with the evolved souls of her Guides and Ascended Masters, she is able to put all of her numerous skills and gifts to great use, providing answers and healing energy to clients, and helping them to find their own hidden talents and abilities. You can have a life-transforming reading with her today at

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