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Powerful Ways To Attract Love

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have some pretty powerful tried and true ways you can use to attract love. Many of my clients have attracted their life mate using these techniques. I have also helped many of my single friends.

First you need to understand that we cannot attract anything positive and good into our lives unless we get on the same frequency, and raise our vibration to that which we are trying to attract. Raising our consciousness and attuning ourselves to all that is good and of the Light is key. True, long-lasting love of the soulmate variety is found in these realms of vibration.

God wants all of us to experience happiness and heaven on earth. But some people want it so badly that they deflect it from coming into their lives by setting up self-defeating road blocks through constant negative self-talk, not loving themselves, or thinking they are unworthy of love – which are all the things we should not think or entertain in our daily awareness. Continue reading

The Psychic Well

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe Psychic Well is where I go, or where I am sent to, every time I do a reading. I also go there when I do Reiki, when I write an article, or when I write a poem. The Psychic Well runs deeper than you may ever believe, and I include myself in that concept, because of what happens each time I go there.

As a Tarot card reader using Numerology, Astrology, auras and deep intuition, there are always days you don’t think you have any wisdom left to share. You feel as if you have no more empathy with which to feel another’s pain, because just as with any profession, you can suffer burnout.

Psychic burnout can be crippling for a healer, psychic reader or spiritualist medium. You can become almost paralyzed by it. You want to work, because it’s what you are meant to do. You want to write, because that’s all you know how to do. But you are unable to do either. The Psychic Well beckons you, but you have no energy to make it there. Continue reading

Just Let it Go

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comCan you imagine how wretched you would feel if you kept trying to wear a pair of shoes at age 30 that fit you when you were 6? The pain would be unimaginable, excruciating and intense. You would cripple yourself and in all likelihood be unable to walk, be unable to move.

But you wouldn’t do that, right? That doesn’t make any sense, you say. Well, of course it doesn’t make any sense. And of course you’d never try to do that, because they wouldn’t fit you anymore!

At certain times in our lives it becomes really important to acknowledge that something or someone just doesn’t fit us anymore.

Is a person any different from a pair of shoes in this context? Of course not. Yet so often we keep on trying to make a person fit into our lives. We bend ourselves out of shape, trying so hard to make this person fit, when in fact their time, just like the old pair of shoes, has by now long come and gone. Continue reading

Creativity And The Soul

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe creativity of the mind is like the mind of a child, working with LEGO® to assemble buildings, roads, cars, paintings. The mind is limited to the lower worlds, whether it deals with physical or energetic solutions, the mind can only work with what it knows. The mind cannot create anything spiritual.

Cultivated spiritual energy can be passed down to the mind, but the mind cannot create spiritual concepts. The intellect is not the point of origin for creativity. It only thinks it is.

We must align ourselves with Spiritual Energies if we want to reach higher states of consciousness and access a creativity that extends beyond the confines of the known laws of earth. So, the key to true creativity is not rearranging the concepts we already know, but to clear the way for Spiritual energies to alter our concepts of ourselves and our world. Continue reading

My Method Of Healing Balance

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWe all have the ability to help and to heal others, but for some of us it’s a calling we are drawn to in this lifetime.

I have studied and applied various healing techniques during my working career as a healer. I have always felt that no matter which technique we use, be it hands on healing, massage, or Reiki, healing actually comes ‘through’ us. When we open ourselves up as channels our spirit helpers can send healing energy through us that frequently creates powerful shifts within the patient. Often it is also to the disbelief of some medical practitioners.

I’ve created my own healing ‘blend’ from the various modalities I have studied, and I like to call this Healing Balance. Healing Balance works with particular access points into the body – the 7 major chakras and the minor chakras located mainly at the joints. These chakras or energy vortex centers are our connection with universal energy through which we access deep levels of healing. Continue reading

Self Awareness – The Path Of A Warrior

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comEvery day we make choices. Sometimes if we stop and look at those choices, it will give us a good indication of our patterns. For example, we say we want to be happy, but do we then make choices that will bring us happiness during the day a priority?

Perhaps we say we want this or that, but then we put it last on the list for the day, or don’t put it on the list at all. We can choose serenity over a boyfriend or girlfriend. We can choose peacefulness over fussing and fretting. We can choose quality time with our child rather than going out drinking. So sometimes, we are our own worst enemy with the choices we make each day. Often we do not see the patterns of our choices, and we cannot change something we do not see. This is when self-awareness must be developed.  Continue reading

When You Are Ready, The Answers Will Come

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comOften times we are at a crossroad and life changes depend on our actions. For example, we are with a person we love, who cheats on us. We call for a psychic reading about that person and our future with him or her. So if you can accept the cheating, there is one reading. If you are willing to put your foot down, that is another reading. Psychic readers cannot make up your mind for you and cannot be strong for you.

We are here to do two things while we evolve as a soul having a human experience: to have fun and to learn. Sometimes we get to do both together. The learning part can be difficult.

Remember that learning means we need to hear, see and experience what we don’t know. Sometimes readers can open that door, but only if there is an indication from the person that they are indeed willing to consider opening a door never before opened.  If the person is not willing, the psychic has little choice but to discuss what the person can face, not what he or she cannot face. Continue reading

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