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Maureen's professional background of 25 years experience has proven to be feasible and above all advantageous to clients such as Disney and Fortune 500 executives as well as professional heavyweight boxers. Her unusual life experiences and vivacious style create a unique ambiance for her clients who enjoy this fascinating, energetic, and talented reader. Get a psychic reading with Maureen at


Visit PsychicAccess.comFinding one’s own way can be torturous. From the beginning, your family never seemed to figure out how you managed to be so different compared to the rest.

It is true that you match your family genetically, but going by your disposition you belong to another group of people.

It is a feeling of being lost and searching for, and finding one’s own kind; it is not about wanting, rather needing to.

Brothers, sisters and others in the community torment, gossip and chase you away. To be rejected breaks your heart; you wonder about what to do in order not to be rejected by your own.

It is very sad, as you did not do anything to justify it, other than act different, look different. Continue reading

In Time You Too Will Understand

Get a free psychic reading right now from PsychicAccess.comIn our family we had two very different grandmothers. One was a very young grandmother, and the other was called “granny” because she was much older. Granny Edna May, the “old” granny, was mostly dismissed by the children in the typical manner, although the older grandchildren in our family were closer to her. Personally, I never took much time to discover her value.

This changed after my grandfather died, when Edna May moved in to our lovely family home. By this time she was in her late 80s, and I was around age 17. Her bedroom was close to mine and often when I walked by her door she would call me in to sit with her. She told me some remarkable stories. Continue reading

Not Only My Father, Also My Best Friend

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have been attempting to write about my father’s death for the last 10 months and as I do so now, unstoppable tears blind my eyes.

Even though congestive heart failure consumed him physically, his mind was like that of a fine-tuned piano and he had a remarkable will to live that was amazing to me.

Why is this so difficult anyway? What should I write about first? Why even try for that matter? This is the thing: no one else knew me and my past the same why as my father did. No one else will be as uniquely important.

I thought I had it all together, the concept of life and death were the same to me. But I found that with the death of my father major adjustments in the way I view my world, myself and feelings of being vulnerable is now beginning to emerge. Continue reading

No Angels, No Guides… Just Me!

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have been reading professionally for over 20 years. I am self-taught in every way. Until recently, I have never been questioned about working with guides or angels.

But lately I have noticed that an increasing number of people are asking, “What are your guides telling you”? These days more and more people want to know where the information is coming from, while I’m reading for them.

I must say, I find it quite disturbing how important it has become for some that I should tell them that “my guide says this” and “my angels say that” Now, I refuse to be dishonest, so I will say it exactly as it is: I am getting this from me! Continue reading

Finding Freedom In The Tarot

Visit PsychicAccess.comI began my journey with the Tarot over 20 years ago. It was never my intention to learn to master the Tarot cards with the aim of doing it professionally.

In fact, my relationship with the Tarot was an unexpected 12-step program, so to speak!

A five-year romantic relationship, that had been fueled with much passion, but was unstable from the start, had come to an end. I found that I no longer could run from my true authentic self.

I came face-to-face with ‘The Tower’. Yes, a violent revolution and overthrow of false consciousness was taking place in my life. The destruction of the old order was happening on a grand scale! Continue reading

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