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The premise is that each object […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/32020/feed 0 How To Neutralize Guilt Trips http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31685 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31685#respond Sun, 07 May 2017 09:46:50 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=31685 61156139rtSome people will make others feel guilty when their expectations are not met. But I am no longer susceptible to feeling guilty by the manipulation of others. At an early age, I learned to use logic when others caused me to feel a pang of guilt. That’s how I neutralize guilt trips. I deal with […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31685/feed 0 How To Tame The Monkey Mind http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31480 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31480#respond Wed, 19 Apr 2017 09:55:03 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=31480 10972390rtHave you ever heard of the term ‘monkey mind?’ It originates from ancient Chinese and Japanese Buddhist teachings. We all experience it from time to time. In contrast to thinking clearly, monkey mind feels restless, unsettled, unfocused and uncontrollable. We think too much about the next text message, passing an exam, being able to pay […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31480/feed 0 Psychic Quick Fix, Or A Lifetime Of Satisfaction? http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30570 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30570#respond Tue, 24 Jan 2017 10:55:28 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=30570 28780660rtMost people only call a psychic when they need quick answers that are not apparent through the ordinary senses, or to clarify a confusing situation. They want to go beyond the moment and look into the future to know exactly what will happen and when. Without having met a person, some want to know whether […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30570/feed 0 Bizarre Dreams Can Reveal Profound Insights http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30486 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30486#respond Mon, 16 Jan 2017 10:55:05 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=30486 23731693rtDreams represent messages from the unconscious to reveal our innermost psyche — that which is not known or acknowledged by our conscious self. Dreams are windows to the unconscious, the intuitive part of ourselves. Carl Jung calls this “the shadow.” According to Jung, the shadow represents non-thought the conscious thought process does not wish to […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30486/feed 0 Start The New Year With Forgiveness http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30319 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30319#respond Sun, 01 Jan 2017 10:55:55 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=30319 66814537rtThe notion of starting the year 2017 with forgiveness might set off a chain reaction of resistant thoughts, about why you can’t possibly forgive this or that person who has done you so wrong. Maybe you remember all the betrayal, mean words and deeds, the abandonment, the cheating — and your get angry and outraged all […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30319/feed 0 Instantly Neutralize Your Pain and Suffering! http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/28539 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/28539#respond Wed, 03 Aug 2016 09:55:41 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=28539 31530679rtA crime committed against me has dominated my thoughts and actions for the past year. Just when it quiets down, and I have a brief respite, an event or something in my environment recalls it to my consciousness. Then I have to deal with it all over again, its poison renewing and growing in my […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/28539/feed 0 Finding Heart And Soul In An Age Of Digital Devices http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27185 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27185#respond Wed, 13 Apr 2016 09:55:26 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=27185 20572633rtI’ve been friends with Gail and Paul since they were my neighbors in San Francisco, 22 years ago. This was long before today’s popularity of digital technology and our growing dependence on wireless, hand-held devices, such as our smart phones, tablets, laptops, and now even our watches. Our homes were next to each other and […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27185/feed 0 Automatic Writing Using A Pendulum http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26147 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26147#respond Wed, 27 Jan 2016 10:55:23 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=26147 19856401rtAutomatic writing means writing without conscious thought and is essentially a way of channeling messages from Spirit and the subconscious. Instead of physically writing on paper, I personally use a pendulum and an alphabet chart. Some mediums write on paper, and others employ automatic drawing. In preparation for a session with myself or a client, […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26147/feed 0 Geopathic Stress Zones Can Affect Your Well-Being http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/25277 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/25277#respond Wed, 11 Nov 2015 10:55:53 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=25277 201511diannatDid you know that living in a geopathic stress zone can affect your health and well-being? “Geopathic stress” refers to anomalies or stress in the earth’s magnetic field that are harmful to humans, animals and plants, in fact, to all living things. The word “geopathic” is derived from the Greek geo meaning land or earth, […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/25277/feed 0