Dawn Star – Psychic Bloggers http://psychicbloggers.com News and Views From The Psychic Access Community Tue, 23 Jan 2018 12:47:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Paranormal Power Of Cats http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31705 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31705#respond Thu, 11 May 2017 09:55:13 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=31705 12504603rtCats are often depicted in ancient Egyptian art and artifacts. The Egyptians actually worshiped cats as gods, and believed that they took on a spiritual importance. They were considered to be a sacred animals with magical powers. Ancient Egypt was said to be one of the most advanced civilizations in human history, capable of architecture, […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/31705/feed 0 Shadow People, Pixies And Other Unseen Visitors http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30511 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30511#respond Thu, 19 Jan 2017 10:55:25 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=30511 37490693rtWhether it’s ghosts, shadow people, Tall Man with a Hat, The old Hag, or pixies, we’ve all experienced mystical beings in some form or another. Some of us have had minor insignificant encounters, while some of us deal with these entities every day. And, there are those who experience very violent encounters with some of […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/30511/feed 0 We Need A Critical Mass Of Love And Kindness! http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/29717 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/29717#respond Sun, 06 Nov 2016 10:55:22 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=29717 43047532rtIn the 1950’s, Japanese researchers were studying a group of monkeys located on several Japanese islands. The scientists would regularly drop food onto the beaches for the monkeys. One day, a female monkey picked up a sweet potato and washed the sand and dirt off in a nearby stream. Soon after, the mother of the […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/29717/feed 0 Birthmarks May Be Evidence Of Past Lives http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27861 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27861#comments Wed, 08 Jun 2016 09:55:31 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=27861 Many spiritual seekers are looking for some sort of evidence of past lives, or an afterlife. Many of us yearn for a way to recover from the spiritual amnesia that we are apparently born with. I believe we are born with clues into our past lives. These clues are so much a part of our […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27861/feed 1 The Spiritual Significance Of 11:11 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27164 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27164#comments Mon, 11 Apr 2016 09:55:53 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=27164 5031414rtIn my previous blog about Guiding Numbers, I explained that many spiritually aware people are frequently seeing certain number sequences; how these numbers could be affecting our lives; and what some of the sequences may mean. These number are typically seen on digital clocks, license plates, receipts, home addresses, text messages, and so forth. They […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/27164/feed 1 Guiding Numbers http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26141 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26141#respond Tue, 26 Jan 2016 10:55:50 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=26141 18942310rtNumbers are a major part of our lives. But, lately they have seemed to take on a personality of their own. I am extremely particular about signs and messages – clues to help me on my path. And, every so often, I notice patterns with numbers all around me. For example, every time I look […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26141/feed 0 Prophets, Or Time Travelers? http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26008 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26008#respond Fri, 15 Jan 2016 10:55:49 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=26008 7473392rtCould some of the famous prophets, such as Nostradamus, or the prophets of the King James Version of the Bible, or the prophet Mohammad, actually have been time travelers? And is it merely coincidence that the Oracle of Delphi used a brass seat for visions of the future? As did Nostradamus, the 16th Century French […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/26008/feed 0 Déjà Vu Comes From Alternate Dimensions http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/24549 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/24549#respond Mon, 14 Sep 2015 09:55:10 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=24549 39436815rtHave you ever had the feeling you have been somewhere before, or done something before? We all experience déjà vu from time to time. There are various scientific and spiritual theories for this phenomenon. Personally, I believe the answer can be found in alternate realities. It is believed by some experts that there are an […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/24549/feed 0 Sleep Paralysis, Or Demonic Attack? http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/20813 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/20813#respond Sat, 22 Nov 2014 10:55:36 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=20813 11295919rtFrom the very first time I experienced sleep paralysis, there has been no doubt in my mind that I was being attacked by some dark force. This began to happen to me in 1999 and has continued until as recently as two months ago. The medical community would, however, attribute it merely to “sleep paralysis.” […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/20813/feed 0 My Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/5900 http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/5900#respond Tue, 09 Sep 2014 08:46:17 +0000 http://psychicbloggers.com/?p=5900 13263608tWorking as a reader on PsychicAccess.com, I get a lot of questions about Spiritual Awakening. Is it real, and how do you know if you are experiencing it yourself? There are a few different lists of ascension symptoms floating around the Internet, so it is no easy task to know which is more accurate or reliable. […]]]> http://psychicbloggers.com/archives/5900/feed 0