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After spending many years in the financial world, crunching numbers for a living, Allie could no longer resist the pull of the spiritual world that was with her since childhood. Born a Clairvoyant Empath, she sensed emotions, knew of events before they happened, and read the love lives of her friends in playing cards--just for fun! When a prominent psychic revealed her true Soul’s path, Allie finally put her skepticism aside and studied with mentors who helped to grow her abilities. For the last 5 years, she’s worked on psychic lines, and developed a website to assist more people. She now runs a successful online spiritual business, offering intuitive guidance, psychic readings, life coaching, ad energy healing. Allie began her spiritual journey reading Tarot and Oracle Cards, and still enjoys delivering messages from the symbols embedded in those cards. She is also a Channel and Medium delivering detailed messages that come through from the other side—offering proof that loved ones are still with us! She’s lived in many places, but word of mouth has always followed her, bringing her many referrals and repeat clients. If you’d like a reading from a gifted Intuitive who has your very best interests at heart, you can find Allie at

Self-Care Life Hacks For Empaths

click here for a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAs we go about our everyday life, enjoying or loathing our experiences, we are always surrounded by an entire realm of energetic interactions. These subtle energies are not easily palpable, and cannot be perceived by the regular senses.

For example, many people have experienced a fleeting feeling that some presence was in a room with them, when no one was actually present. Similarly, most people, even when blindfolded, can sense a person standing next to them. Or sometimes, when we buy a home or car, for example, we become aware that something ‘feels off’ about it, but we just cannot quite put our finger on it.

In such cases we are perceiving energy with our so-called ‘sixth sense.’ We cannot physically see, smell, hear, taste or feel the energy, but we ‘sense’ it intuitively. It is also known as clairsentience or extra-sensory perception, which is perception beyond the five normal senses.

Every person perceives energy in this way, however, some people are naturally more sensitive to it. The spiritual or metaphysical community uses different terms for such individuals, including psychic, intuitive, sensitive or empath. The empath is a sensitive person who specifically has a higher level of awareness of other people’s feelings and emotions.

Empaths are often judged from a young age as being ‘too sensitive or ‘overly emotional’ by family members or care-givers. Sadly, this often promotes the false belief that emotional sensitivity is somehow a ‘weakness,’ or the opposite of inner strength, self-confidence, or even intelligence.

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