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Paranormal Phenomenon in Chilliwack (Part 2)

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As the days passed, my doubts in my own abilities rose rapidly.  I felt taunted, dull, depressed and in a constant place of anxiety.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway of the house I would kick into ‘fight or flight’ syndrome. I chose to fight.

I smudged, cleansed and sealed the house to no avail. In truth, ‘it’ became more aggressive each time I took a stand against it. The nights were always the worst, but it certainly didn’t stop it from getting our attention during daylight hours either. A few weeks after we moved in my parents called to let me know they were coming out for a visit.  I had just opened a high end clothing store that I was very excited about and they wanted to see what I had built. The timing, of course, could not have been worse.

The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts ~ Italo Calvino

It was that night that I was attacked by ‘it’…this time leaving a bruise on my inner thigh. I was exhausted and frightened beyond any description that I could possible share with you. The TV in the master bedroom would turn itself on when I wasn’t home; the volume would be up as high as it would go.  And no, it was not on a timer. Water glasses would fly at me across the kitchen counters, lights would flicker on and off and of course I would be constantly looking for my car keys.  No matter where I put them, they would be moved.  I had on more than one occasion been forced to use the spare set I had magnetically stuck on the bottom of my car.

My daughter noted that when I wasn’t home she would hear the TV being turned on. Allie had her own set of issues with the downstairs. ‘It’ was not the only thing in the house. You could feel someone sitting on the end of the bed after turning the lights out, and she had seen a creature on the bedroom ceiling, orbs, noises, breathing, and the bed shaking which was also experienced by her friend. The list could go on forever.

I poured salt into bowls and left them on the dresser in the Master bedroom, sprinkled salt around the bed and across the door ways.  In the morning the salt in the bowls had become rock hard.

I was blessed to have very powerful backup in the form of close friends who are truly gifted in the metaphysical realm.  I invited them over to get their assessment of the situation; they already knew I had a problem on my hands. With my parents on their way out for a visit, something had to be done. Just trying to figure out how to break the news to them before they stepped over the threshold was adding more pressure.

It was not human. That was confirmed by the team of professionals I brought in. Kathy, who is a channel, pulled ‘it’ in. I was sitting beside her when she turned to me, her voice and demeanor had changed, and her eyes were like two black holes. “You don’t think this is going to help you, do you”?  I jumped off the sofa and bolted across the room to sit beside her dad.  “You don’t really think he can save you…”

It left Kathy and I was shaken. We did however get a name which I wrote on a piece of paper. I researched and found nothing on this particular demon. One of the investigators had recently returned from a trip to Rome, he specialized in Demonology. We buried 4 medallions on the corner of the property which had been blessed by an Archbishop from the Vatican in hope that this would protect us. It didn’t.

Never trust a demon. He has a hundred motives for anything he does … Ninety-nine of them, at least, are malevolent ~ Neil Gaiman

The girls and I would trade experiences we were having in our new home. The only positive part was the 9 year old spirit who was also in the home, she was a delight. I noted that she was never around when ‘it’ was present, she’d leave, quickly.

My parents visit went fairly uneventful in comparison to what we had been experiencing.  It certainly let them know it was there though.  My mother was standing in the kitchen when the table lifted up on one end and slammed to the ground which sent my mother running out of the house.  Mom stood outside pointing her finger at the house and telling it, “You’re not going to push us out of here…”and bravely walked back in.

After my parents left the activity once again soared. We left the house at 1:00 in the morning and went to Kitty’s. My daughter and I discussed the situation while we were driving, people, in general, will never experience what we were experiencing.  We both loved a good horror movie, but now we were living in one. Upon arriving at Kitty’s, I saw it get out of the car with us but it did not approach the house.  Gratefully I had my first restful sleep that night in the safety of my friend’s home.

The owners of the house called me somewhere in that period of time and I will never forget that conversation. I asked her flat out if she knew the house was haunted. Her response was, “Better you than me, I don’t really want to step foot in there again…”  I was astounded, she told me to go into her daughters’ bedroom and look in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. There was a diary written by her 12 year old daughter. I opened it and read it with her permission.  This little girl was being terrorized by ‘it’ and wrote about her experiences in detail.

I made a solid decision that it was time to leave, which was also the advice I received from one of the paranormal investigators that night. My fight was gone and flight took over as we scurried around the house packing our belongings an ear piercing squeal resonated throughout the house.

The sound was coming from the furnace room. I later found out that there was no problem with the furnace. ‘It’ seemed to want to make sure we knew ‘it’ knew.  My thought was we were leaving ‘It’ behind, in the meanwhile the activities others were experiencing in their homes in Slesse Park were also escalating and my involvement and connection with the Park was taking a whole new turn.

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