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Paranormal Phenomenon In Chilliwack (Part 1)

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI struggled with whether or not write this blog article, since it’s not about rainbows and unicorns, nor is it a Hollywood version of ghosts, angels and demons. It’s the story of several paranormal experiences in the Chilliwack River Valley. I will also be bold and say that few people will ever have this type of encounter or experience. I am therefore not writing this to offend or challenge anyone’s belief system.

I have heard many interviews with well known paranormal investigators who insist they have been looking for real demons and have never encountered any. Every encounter could be “classified” as “debunked”, or acknowledged as a real haunting. They are open to the experience, but until then they don’t believe that these entities exist.

Fair enough and completely understood. I believe that light cannot exist without dark, and vice verse. Simply believing something does not exist doesn’t protect you from it either.

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend ~ Henri Bergson

Encounters with ghosts seem accidental, but more often than not they have intention. A visit from an angel, or Great Auntie Lucy, or even cranky Uncle Bob are common. More people than not have experienced some sort of anomaly, after all we are spiritual beings having a human experience are we not?  We are born with a sixth sense.  We all have had ‘a feeling’ about a loved one, a friend or a situation. It is normal. Some people have seen full apparitions, orbs or maybe objects flying off counters by themselves. In my world, these are common and certainly not unusual phenomenon.

Almost 13 years ago, I moved into an area in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia called Slesse Park. It is a small, close knit community that has around 60 houses and is a half hour drive away from the local city. This is where my sensitivity to the spiritual world soared. Driving up to the park it always felt to me like I was driving through a ‘wall of energy’.  The forest here is full and lush, speckled with swamp and snuggled up closely to the Vedder River. It was the beginning of a journey that is still going on today.

I don’t live in the park anymore and actually moved in 2003. I wanted to share with you some of the incidents that I’ve experienced personally in the Chilliwack River Valley.  Investigations are ongoing today.

This area is richly steeped in history, it once belonged to the Sto Lo Nations (People of The Water) and being the original ‘cow trail’ from Canada to the United States, during the height of mining and prospecting. Mines, such as the Lone Jack Mine in Washington State which was discovered in 1898. This gold and silver mine was originally accessed via a trail up Slesse Creek in the Chilliwack valley.  Another mine, The Boundary Red Mountain Mine, a gold and silver mine, was discovered in 1897 and operated periodically from 1907 until 1988. This mine was first accessed via the Chilliwack-Slesse Creek, but access was terminated for a variety of reasons.

We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect. The judgment of the intellect is only part of the truth ~ Carl Jung

After the gold rush, people returned to settle in the Chilliwack area starting in 1862. The trail was replaced by a wagon road to Chilliwack Lake in 1901, which led to a small rush for claims in the area. However, most settlement occurred here after World War II. Railroad logging began in the 1920s and has continued in different forms since then. Approximately 2,000 people live within the Chilliwack River Valley, which is considered to be fully developed to its capacity. This area includes Bell Acres which is also a hot spot for paranormal activity in the area.

On December 9th, 1956 an E-bound Trans-Canada Airline Flight 810 crashed into the upper reaches of Mount Slesse. All 62 passengers and crew on board were killed. To that date this was the worst aviation disaster in Canadian history. The four engine North Star aircraft (about the same size as a Dash 8) was completely wrecked. The wreckage was left on site and parts can still be seen there today. A propeller cairn is located at the upper end of the Slesse Memorial Trail and a memorial is located lower down on the trail. There is another Memorial that is located at the at the entrance to the Slesse Park Community.

Five years ago, I was given an opportunity to return to the area to house-sit for a couple going to Australia for a year. The house was located in the Chilliwack River Valley.  My 17 year old daughter and her friend were also living with me at the time. We moved into a beautiful 5000 square foot house that had complete living quarters, both on the main floor and the lower floor. It also had two kitchens and an acre of lawn sprinkled with various trees and flower beds. It seemed ideal at the time. The couple that owned the house left their furniture and belongings there, so I had mine put into storage.

The first night I spent in the master bedroom of this house is burned into my memory for all time. In the twenty years prior to this incident, I had many experiences with unexplainable events and spirits. It was just part of life as I knew it. I had seen them and at times had communications verbally, physically and emphatically. All of my encounters up to this point had been with deceased people or spirits. I had not had an encounter with anything that was not human or evoked terror. As is the case with most people, if you have not experienced it yourself, it didn’t really exist. It was the thing that made urban legends or great ‘edge of your seat Hollywood horror movies.

Reality is determined not by what scientists or anyone else says or believes, but by what the evidence reveals to us ~ Alan Hale

The master bedroom had an en suite that consisted of a large jetted tub, marble walls and floors and a large two person shower with glass doors. It was lovely, spacious, and luxurious. But it was the ‘feeling’ in that room that made my skin crawl and for the life of me, I could not tune into why, until the lights went out. Then it started.

As I lay in bed, I could hear footsteps across the bedroom ceiling – actual footsteps, not shuffling, but loud ‘military boots’ stomping across the ceiling above my head. Turning on the lights, it stopped, but the feeling it left with me didn’t. I could feel a presence, but could not identify with calmness, or just a presence. This meant this was not my uncle Billy or my grandmother coming for a visit – this was something else.

Every hair on the back of my neck was on end and it felt like I was about to be attacked by whatever was in that room. It felt like it was inches from my face. A door on the far end of the room led to a private balcony overlooking the estate. I got up to check the door, which was locked, and peered out of the window actually hoping I would see some local, ‘wannabe’ robber running away. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

I turned on the TV, believing this would bring a little light and comfort, and went for a walk around the rest of the house, checking doors and windows before retiring again. As I lay there, I started to read the energy in the room, wanting to connect with whatever was there, to put my mind at rest and send them on their way. It was thick and heavy, there was no communication to be had. All I felt was dread, loathing, and fear.

Within moments the large, glass shower door opened and slammed shut. My body lifted off the bed in that moment. This wasn’t a ‘trickster’; this was something heavy and dark. All I felt was fear. It reminded me of when I was a child having my first experiences with the metaphysical world. The worst part, I knew ‘it’ was enjoying the show. I could not for the life of me relax enough to go to sleep! It hovered… watching, waiting, and tugging at the bedspread once in a while.

This was only night 1, but in that moment everything I thought I knew just changed. I felt that I needed an explanation or an interpretation of what this thing was, or I would be helpless in dealing with the reality of it. The degree to which my metaphysical knowledge and experience is correct, is the degree to which I was able to understand it, and act accordingly. Without it, all my knowledge had become suspect – my sanity in particular. Any flaw in my view of reality made it more difficult to live.

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