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Poltergeist Activity

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIn recent times, I have received an increasing number of enquiries about poltergeist activity. Hence this blog focuses upon poltergeists, including guidance on how to avoid and eliminate such activity.

A poltergeist is a spirit manifesting its presence by noises and acts of mischief, such as throwing furniture.

Living in a home with poltergeist activity can be a very frightening experience. Cupboards fly open; dishes fly across the room and break, and wall hangings rattle or fall.

Normally, a specific member of the family will be targeted because poltergeists are person focused, unlike a haunting which is location focused. People are usually frantic to move or rid their house of such a frightening spirit or energy.

There is no mystery greater than that posed by the poltergeist. The noisy ghosts of folklore and legend represent some of the most complex phenomena known to science ~ D. Scott Rogo

A poltergeist generally lasts days or a few weeks. However, between 1977 and 1978 the British nation was stunned by one of the world’s most shockingly infamous cases. It is known as the Enfield poltergeist – everything that one has ever heard of a poltergeist occurred in this case. A seemingly normal family home bore witness to decidedly abnormal activity. There were documented reports of levitation and possession of the family’s daughter who spoke with a completely different voice. Some of the discourse was captured on tape by official paranormal investigators from the British Society for Psychical Research. The sofa would flip over and chairs would be thrown across the room.

The police were called out one evening to inspect the house. They are on record as having seen a chair move across a room and heard knocking on the walls. The police were considerate but powerless to deal with the situation. Marbles and toys began flying around in mid air. A local medium and vicar were called out but were too scared to get involved.

Poltergeists begin with knocking and rapping on the walls. They then begin to throw small objects followed by movement and levitation of larger objects such as tables and chairs. Poltergeist activity is very rare and it is very hard to tell why they focus upon any particular victim. Generally, there is tension in the family or break up of parents combined with the high psychokinetic energy of hormonal children.

Poltergeist activity is so inherently improbable that most rational people simply cannot believe it. And when they see it and have to believe it, they find it very hard to convince anybody else that it really happens ~ Guy Lyon Playfair

Even newspaper reporters experienced activity at the home in Enfield. One of them was assaulted by a yellow Lego brick thrown at his face by the poltergeist. Witnesses from very different backgrounds, including the British Society for Psychical Research, verified the presence of the Enfield poltergeist that took 12 months to withdraw.

These are ways to avoid and deal with poltergeist activity:

1. Keep stress levels low.

2. Do not use Ouija boards, tarot cards or séances to communicate.

3. Pray for the Archangels to protect your home.

4. Do not communicate with the poltergeist – leave this to the professionals.

5. Do not speak of the poltergeist or give it your attention.

6. Engage professionals to investigate and manage the case.

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