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Learn How To See Auras

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSurrounding every living body there is a ‘halo’ or aura which can be seen under certain circumstances. Clairvoyants have always contended that they could see this aura, surrounding human beings. Both magnets and crystals give off a very noticeable aura which can be seen by those possessing even moderate psychic ability.

In 1911, Dr. Walter Kilner, a medical electrician at St. Thomas Hospital in London, showed that it is possible for anyone to see the aura emanating from a living human being, by means of especially prepared glass slides, containing a chemical named dicyanin.

The human aura consists of a number of layers, or strata, extending out into space. First, the ‘etheric double’ seen like a dark line, slightly grey in color, which extends over the whole body, conforming exactly to its shape.

To see only what is there is to be as blind as the night ~ Annalyn Joie Tran

Beyond this extends the ‘inner aura’ which is usually two or three inches broad. It conforms to the contour of the body throughout and is more or less colored by the health of the individual, and by the mental or emotional states present at the time.

Next is the ‘outer aura’, beginning where the inner aura ceases, and extending from three to six inches, as a rule, before it becomes invisible. It extends slightly further in the case of women than it does in men. This aura is very variable, and is greatly influenced by all the mental and psychic conditions of the person to whom it belongs. Its colors vary greatly.

The best way to train yourself to see the aura is to view a horseshoe magnet or crystal. Look at the edge of the magnet or crystal with one eye gradually approaching it and then sliding it away from you, until you obtain the best focus of vision. Look steadily along the same point, until it dawns on you that a kind of quivering, narrow band of mist or vapor is flowing from the object.

The real voyage of discovery consists of not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes ~ Marcel Proust

As soon as you realize the presence on the edge of the magnet or crystal of this current of vaporous mist, the first psychic visual victory has been obtained, and the perception of the other phenomena associated with the aura will only need time, perseverance, and practice.

Once the magnet or crystal is conquered, you can expect to speedily obtain the sight of the beautiful and intricate currents of the human body.

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