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Energy Signature Your Spiritual Fingerprint

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAccording to The Elias Forum “your individual expression of tone and vibrational quality and personality are so very highly unique and individualized to you yourself that it may be compared to physical fingerprints not being duplicated within the physical expression of any other individual throughout your history within your physical dimension. There are no two identically the same, and in this, you each hold a particular energy signature which is unique to yourself.”

This description of energy signatures fascinates me as an empath, because I have been asked many times by clients how I am able to read people who are not physically present in the room with me. People also want to know what I am reading. It has taken me a long time to formulate an answer to these questions that is both accurate and not too ‘airy fairy’ in nature.

What I am connecting to when I am reading a person’s life and mind is literally like reading a fingerprint. There are billions of people on this planet and not one person has the same fingerprints compared to anyone else. Energy signatures are exactly the same. Your energy vibration is as unique to you as your fingertips are.

No one can transcend their own individuality ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

A really great example of energy signature recognition is penguins and other animal mothers, and their babies. Think of a mother penguin looking for her baby in a great mass of other baby penguins. How does she recognize her own? In part it is the voice energy signature of the baby, but it is also the actual energy vibration from the baby’s body that she ‘recognizes’ and is drawn to.

So, the next question is how the energy signatures are read or picked up. For this question you can think of radio waves that cannot be seen, but can be picked up by your radio’s antenna. Well, we creatures all have a kind of antenna inside of us that also picks up information. Some animals and humans have highly sensitive antenna, while others has a more limited capacity for this form of information gathering.

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You ~ Dr Seuss

Also, to illustrate how energy signatures are read, think of what happens when your body is thirsty or hungry. Do you hear a voice from your body giving you this information? No, it just comes to you… ‘I am thirsty’, and then you get a drink of something or you eat something. This is your own body’s energy that you are intuitively reading.

It is the same with empathic or clairsentient readings. There are no voices that I hear that communicates the information, because I am not clairaudient, and yet there are intuitive messages I get – just like when you are thirsty or hungry.

The white light streams down to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow ~ Charles R. Brown

For example, if a client asks, “How is my husband feeling”, a message will come to me that reveals her husband is sad, or happy, or worried. I get this information through my ‘antenna’ by reading the energy signature of the person who is calling, as well as the person she is asking about.

There is so much more research and information available than I can possibly cover here. But, I hope this helps to give a more concrete picture of how empathic readings come about. There is scientific research backing up what empaths experience and how real this phenomenon actually is. Search the phrase ‘energy signatures’ with your favorite Internet search engine and you will see how much great information there is available on the subject.

About The Author: Heartlight

Heartlight is an "Empathic Coach" with a lifetime of developing of ESP. With 16 years of working as a Psychic Adviser, (the last 7 years of adding Life, Motivational and Relationship Coaching training into the mix), she maintains a very loyal following at She goes beyond simply sharing messages about things that are hidden from her clients awareness along with information she receives about their future. Heartlight also coaches her callers to use the messages that come through her empathic gifts for their own highest good by blending kindness, humor and wisdom into her readings. Get a reading today with Heartlight at

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  • I read somewhere that the brain acts as a type of antenna/receiver. I wonder if the cone head skulls that have been found had extra abilities than the average human head.

  • I have been a psychic reader for over 30 years and this sounds very much the same way that I do readings.For me there is a very strong sense of knowing when I connect with another person’s “energy signature.”That is to say that I know when I have connected to them and the information starts flowing in effortlessly.

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