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Déjà Vu, Or Memories From A Past Life?

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAt one time or another, each of us has had the feeling that what we are saying or doing has been said or done before. The feeling is fleeting; it comes and then it goes just as quickly. Most typically, we write it off as déjà vu, which is the French for ‘already seen’ or ‘seen before’.

You may also have experienced déjà visité, which means literally ‘already visited’. It refers to the sensation of being in a place and then having the sudden, fleeting feeling that you’ve already been there, although you know that you have not.

Depending upon one’s perspective, déjà vu and déjà visité are explained by doctors and neurologists as a function of brain processing, while psychoanalysts view it as an unconscious desire or a premonition. Spiritualists, however, believe it is a fleeting memory from a past life experience. As a result of my personal experience with healing past lives, my vote is definitely with the spiritualists.

The déjà vu experience is a clue to a much more fascinating possibility – that we are all living our lives not for the first time but at least the second ~ Anthony Peake

A few years ago, I received Reiki Healing sessions from a practitioner who also does past life healings. Being curious, I booked a session with her. There were many aspects of my personality and personal experiences that puzzled me, because they seemed out of character. I also felt that there was a ‘secret’ in my early life that was a huge missing piece to my wholeness.

The first question the practitioner asked me was, “Do you believe in reincarnation and past lives?” I told her that I had no proof either way, so I was open to the experience. I told her of my desire to live to the full potential of my capabilities. I always felt bigger than life, but attaining the actualization of it always seemed out of reach.

She then told me that healing past lives was like peeling the layers off an onion, and so it was for me – replete with the tears associated with peeling an onion! Initially I really did not expect that I would book another session, let alone look forward to them. The results were so astounding that I started booking bi-weekly sessions. Eventually I had to back off, because my psyche couldn’t move that fast. I believe years later I am still processing what I experienced.

What each of us is experiencing when we feel intense familiarity with an unfamiliar place, is our spirit’s memories of a past life. We absolutely have been to that supposedly strange place before; it was just in another body, in another time ~ Sylvia Browne

At the time, I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. People were so open and friendly, and soon I had several groups of friends.

One night I was out with some of these new friends, and they met up with other people they knew. Immediately, upon seeing one person, Bruce, I experienced déjà vu. I knew we’d met before. At the time, I felt he might resemble my middle brother. Additionally, and outside of the déjà vu experience, I felt strongly that we knew each other. I asked him if he too felt it, and he said he did not. But he accepted my invitation to get together sometime.

We went out regularly after that and had a lot of fun together. We did zany things, like taking pictures of ourselves in or around sculptures in the City, and riding the bus route several times on Halloween, so we could get an overview of the madness without being swept up in it.

One day I requested from Bruce the first favor I’d ever asked of him, although I had done a lot for him in the past. I asked him to pick me up from the dentist’s office, where I was having a major surgical procedure. I needed help getting home.

We all have some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time – of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances ~ Charles Dickens

About ten minutes before I left for the appointment, he called and told me that a client of his was picking him up around the time I was to finish at the dentist’s. I let him off the hook and later explained to him that since he only lived five blocks from the dentist, he could have asked his client, who I knew as well, to make a short detour. They could have easily picked me up and drop me off at home. I was very disappointed with him, and backed off my generosity to some degree.

During one of my past-life healing sessions (some of which dated back to the 15th Century), a person was described as being my son, and not being able to make it to my death-bed or funeral. The excuse sounded similar in energy to what I recently experienced with Bruce. To myself, I was thinking that Bruce may have been my son in that other life. I also still felt that there was somehow a connection between him and my middle brother. The practitioner then described some additional relationship and personality characteristics that made me realize this was Bruce… and also my brother!

During my stay in Canada, more than at any other time I can recall, there were many such déjà vu and déjà visité experiences. Perhaps it was a part of my soul’s purpose in choosing to go there?

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