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Choosing To Be Happy

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comRecently, a client dropped into my free chat room at Even before she typed anything, I could feel that her energy had shifted from the last time we had a chat.

After a few moments of catching up with each other, I told her that I felt her energy as very upbeat and happy. I sensed a kind of complete, all-over happiness. I asked her if anything special was going on. Her answer was, “I chose happiness.”

Wow! I was gob-smacked! The utter simplicity of that statement, the conviction of it, was definite. Even I felt happy. It seemed that happiness was contagious. I’m writing about the kind of happiness that comes from within, no matter what the external circumstances. Happiness does not have to be a transient state. We can experience it 24/7, and learn to maintain that internal happiness, while still experiencing the ups and downs of daily life.

What is the meaning of life? To be happy and useful ~  14th Dalai Lama

Instead, for most of us, the feeling of the moment too often prevails. We are easily ‘bummed out’ due to disappointment, or we are sad, or hurt, or angry. The prevailing feeling then snowballs, and pretty soon the overwhelming feeling is indeed disappointment, sadness, hurt or anger. Then, we become desperate: “Oh, if only he would call, I’d be so happy!” or “I’ll be so happy when she apologizes”.

Don’t we all strive for happiness? The difficulty arises when we put conditions on our happiness that are outside of our control. What is within our control is the decision to be happy. True happiness spawns hopefulness, optimism and positive thinking. It fosters a desire to keep living life to its fullest, and invites greater freedom and clarity of thought into our lives. If you choose happiness, it stays with you and becomes your new reality.

So, you may be thinking, “How do I get happy?” Well, it goes a bit deeper than just training your mind. Happiness has to exist in your soul, and in my case, it developed over years.

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you ~ Hafiz of Persia

In my personal life, I grew up in a very fearful and negative household. I was fortunate to spend time with relatives who had much better outlooks on life than my parents did. So, I had role-models if I chose to use them.

My first experience away from home was attending college while living at the dorm. Not knowing how to be happy, I recalled times with my relatives where there was lots of laughter, positive thinking, and experiential growth. I worked at putting myself in that ‘place’, but happiness was a façade then, and whenever I was alone, the underlying feelings were depression and sadness. I had to work really hard at being happy. Gradually, the happy thoughts outweighed the negativity.

After graduation from college, I fell into a social circle where we had fun, much laughter and common interests that we explored with ‘gusto’. One of my friends had a superior sense of humor, and I decided that having a sense of humor was a priority. I’ve somewhat perfected it by now, much to the enjoyment and appreciation of friends, as well as to myself. It’s a happy kind of humor, never laced with sarcasm or disregard of others.

No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change ~ Barbara de Angelis

I can share with you a few techniques about how I cultivated happiness:

1. Express gratitude. Before going to sleep at night, write in a book all the things you are grateful for during that day. It can be small, like, “I’m grateful for having a nice place to live”, or it can be big like, “I’m grateful for selling my house in a bad economy.

2. Show compassion towards others.

3. Employ patience. Worry and fretting, or road rage, will not get you there faster. Why waste energy on something you can do nothing about? These are non-productive emotions.

4. Wait until you’ve ‘cooled down’ after an altercation, before talking to the person about it.

5. Do something good for others at least once a month. Contribute to a food bank, or to disaster relief. Volunteer and offer your services to those who need it.

6. Make sure you do something you enjoy at least once a week.

7. Find joy in small things: the smell of flowers, the fresh smell after a rain, a pretty rock, a walk on the beach.

8. Be engaged; be in the now with everything you do.

9. Acknowledge your feelings of annoyance, anger, impatience… and work through it to get to the other side. Do not repress or judge yourself.

10. Remember that you need a clear mind to deal with challenges, and your solution will come faster.

While writing this I went to my bookshelf and pulled out a book called The Art of Happiness – A Handbook for Living, by H H Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler, a Western psychiatrist. I highly recommend this book to kick-start your ‘Happiness Project’.

About The Author: Dianna

As a conduit to Spirit since birth Dianna provides channeled information from her Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Animal Spirits. During readings, information comes to her through telepathy, empathy, visual images and physical sensations. She additionally uses Automatic Writing for very specific details and timing, Tarot and the Lenormand Cards. Dianna's specialties are providing you with remarkably accurate answers to your questions using her psychic consciousness to assist you in reaching new and rewarding goals. A Libra/Aquarius rising with three grand trines in her chart, Dianna has chosen to use her psychic gifts and Reiki Healing Energy to help others, providing practical answers to life's questions plus healing and clearing blockages. You can get a psychic reading from Dianna at

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