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Beware, Be Aware, Take Care … A Poem

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comMy dear readers, I hope you enjoy this poem from one of my many books. Heartlight

The force that draws our souls from peace is disguised in many clothes
It can hide in ‘new age‘ cotton jeans as well as right wing robes
Fakes and fools and charlatans I thought I’d never find
Dressed up like “new age” seekers out to rescue human kind
Beware . . . Beware . . . Beware . . .

Beware of voices claiming theirs is the only way
Listen to your inner guides, heed what the ancients say
There ‘s not just one truth or one path . . . Don’t let your knowledge stray
We all must know the darkness to find the light of day

So quick to judge, so low to change, some educated minds
Sometimes can’t hear the answers that simple people find
Awareness is in everyone and found in many ways
We each have lessons we can teach at work, at rest , at play
Be aware . . . Be aware . . . Be aware . . .

Aware of power from within power over need not be
Together we are each a note in a living symphony
Playing music from our hearts in discord and harmony
Awakening the spirit so the mind’s eye can see

Every circle is complete , every pathway goes somewhere
Beauty, peace and truth are found by simply being there
For all things there’s a time and place , don’t forget to dance and sing
Sew your seeds and nurture life, honor what your harvest brings
Take care…Take care…Take care …

Take care to live in balance, feed your body, mind and soul
Know that the value of each one is the sum of the great whole
Live in your present moments keeping hopes and dreams in sight
Let your spirit guide you through the eternal dark and light
Beware . . . Be Aware . . . Take care !

©  Heartlight 2009

About The Author: Heartlight

Heartlight is an "Empathic Coach" with a lifetime of developing of ESP. With 16 years of working as a Psychic Adviser, (the last 7 years of adding Life, Motivational and Relationship Coaching training into the mix), she maintains a very loyal following at She goes beyond simply sharing messages about things that are hidden from her clients awareness along with information she receives about their future. Heartlight also coaches her callers to use the messages that come through her empathic gifts for their own highest good by blending kindness, humor and wisdom into her readings. Get a reading today with Heartlight at

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