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Drawing Upon The Unlimited Well Within

Click Here for a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIt’s all about learning how to navigate. It’s not enough to map out where you want to go, or how you want to get there, but knowing how to activate individual, appropriately-devised ‘honing tools’ for the journey. It will determine how much you will be able to enjoy the ride and appreciate the adventure.

Our honing devices include the ability to recognize and relate specific events, people, places, situations, and circumstances that carry significant messages for you, that could be easily overlooked if you are not paying attention. These hidden messages usually remain obscured, because they are often lost in the midst of what seems to be very insignificant things – things that would otherwise labeled as trivial or inconsequential.

For example, if you were to turn your head to your immediate left, at this very moment, at about a 45 degree angle, and peer five feet away, what do you see? I mean, precisely, exactly, in fully animated, detailed description, what would you tell me is occupying that particular space?

These things, be they animate or inanimate, are extremely important in the scope of your present mood and state of mind. These things hold immeasurable clues to your existence. Before I brought your attention to them, they were simply standing as silent sentinels, ready and available for observation, but to no avail.

Not only were you probably not aware of them, but you most likely thought of them as meaningless. They were not then, nor are they now, meaningless and without contribution. Did you really think that the things that populate your world have no bearing in it? If they were not relevant and meaningful to you, and for you, they would not be there. You are intricately connected to all things.

Ultimately, we must learn to trust ourselves. When we do this intimately and intelligently, the world opens full of meaning before us ~ James Thornton

Until this moment, you had continually been surrounded by things that seemed to have no particular relevance in your life. You erroneously believed that unless you had developed some sort of viable interactive relationship with ‘it,’ the things was simply unimportant, as far as you were concerned. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

All things constitute the fabric of your life, without exception. Everything around you reflects and projects aspects of you: your world, your career, your romance, your desires, your family, your spirituality, your finances, your health, your friends, your talents and abilities, your mortality, your fears and obsessions, your goals and ambitions, your reputation, your lessons, your pain, your secrets and your purpose.

No more, no less. If you can see it, it means something. That something has been drawn from the wellspring of your essential being! In other words, every single object, person, place or thing is a reflection or representation of the whole of you.

Many people often walk around in a fog, mumbling something about not understanding the purpose or point of their lives. They may even go so far as to mouth the words, “I really don’t know what I want.” Or worse, complain and bemoan certain events that have occurred, as if they were in some way unattached to the specific outcome. They spin tales in a manner to those who are not wise enough to recognize the sound of self-aggrandizement, of playing the role of a totally unsuspecting bystander who had been taken advantage of, and cast aside broken-hearted and dejected, in spite of the unceasing goodness that pervades their every cell.

If one is so inclined to give them the time of day, and inclination of energy, any number of parasitical emotions will continue to surface: resentment, anger, bitterness, jealousy, grief, tawdry gossip, and blame. Yes, the old ‘somebody’s done me so wrong’ song comes in loud and clear, if you, too, are in that same place, with a mind ready to identify with your having been cheated on, lied to, or betrayed in some manner, in some way.

“Our inner guidance comes to us through our feelings and body wisdom first — not through intellectual understanding. The intellect works best in service to our intuition, our inner guidance, soul, God or higher power ~ Christiane Northrup

But, here’s where having the proper navigational tools come into play. Navigation is all about knowing how to follow one’s innate resonating program. A specifically, indelibly imprinted, tonal pattern was embedded within you, while you were still in the womb – locked and encoded into your specific DNA, for your convenience and application.

The key is to learn how to master this embedded guiding program. What does it entail to see, hear, relate, recognize and assign the various tones in proper order? Practice, of course. If you want to learn to play the piano, you must practice. But, even before practicing, you must become acquainted with each of the 88 keys. How they blend together, how they respond singularly, how they work in harmony with other keys, or how they scream dissonant when combined with not so flattering ones.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is helpful when trying to compose a beautiful melody. Let’s face it, in order to know anything, the things must become familiar. Not so familiar that you take it for granted, mind you, but familiar enough not to have to think about it.

When you become silent and still, the way presents itself. You naturally resonate with it; and it resonates with you. To do that, one must learn to pay attention. Paying attention means exactly what it implies. There is a price demanded. That price involves the exchange of one’s conscious awareness in order to be given the insight necessary to recognize your personal honing devices being activated.

Your honing devices are constructed in such a way that it resonates at different decibels in different situations at different times. It’s all a matter of becoming acutely aware of your surroundings at all times. This also means to fully incorporate and appreciate the face of the other human that is staring directly into your space.

“The body has its own way of knowing, a knowing that has little to do with logic, and much to do with truth, little to do with control, and much to do with acceptance, little to do with division and analysis, and much to do with union ~ Marilyn Sewell

This deliberate act of becoming aware of one’s total surroundings involves time, patience, effort, and committed dedication to seeing and hearing what’s standing directly in front, back, sideways, top, bottom, in-between and all around you at all times. You must be willing to come to that place within yourself, whereby you verbally make the agreement to receive all things as not originating from the outside (as you so feverishly want to maintain, without your intent, approval and invitation), but arising deep from within the well of your very own soul.

These things are the irrefutable evidence in personal conceptualized form, for you to process and experience passionately and joyfully. That being said, and considering the fact that all things do in reality form our self-created world, it may be time to look into how something as simple as astrological influences may be charted and used as a viable means of understanding your diverse inner landscape.

No doubt we are all deeply embedded in a journey of soul’s delight. Some might even say we are on a ‘ship in the desert.’ Others may say we’re’ flying on the wings of an eagle,’ while on this sojourn through Earth. Either way, it’s comforting to realize that we are in fact carrying our own brand of oasis in order to access when we get tired, thirsty, disillusioned, scared, or grumpy.

About The Author: Paula

Paula's innate metaphysical abilities, artistic talents, and entrepreneurial acumen have mixed wonderfully together to create a social media sensation, one who enjoys great popularity on LinkedIn, Instragram, Facebook, and YouTube. She dispenses not only accurate and intuitive divine wisdom but has artistic offerings that include vibrational soul paintings displayed on the internet, and she is a gifted singer and music producer as well. Her calling as a cosmic therapist led her to be the founder of MODE (Masters of Divine Essence) Cosmic Therapy Research Center, where she's published numerous books, songs and plays, and has held many workshops and seminars throughout the Southeast. She even produced her own program, The Mode of Cosmic Therapy Interactive Television Show that aired on WRTN, in Raleigh, NC, for ten years. Paula is also an avid astrologer who interprets the stars and predicts your chart energies at work. If you'd like a detailed glimpse at your own cosmic blueprint, or you have burning questions that require clear answers, Paula will employ all the tools and talents at her disposal for a reading that will dazzle and transform your life. You can find Paula at

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