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Jump, Jump For My Love!

Click Here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comRomantic relationships, who needs them? The truth is, we all do. Who can be involved in them authentically? Well, now we are immediately reminded just how wonderfully fragile and caustic the combination of two energetic egos can display themselves in these unions. Fragile in the sense that we usually do not see or appreciate what is right there before our eyes. And caustic, because we take things way too personally.

Our conditioned brains are so accustomed to looking for problems! Bad idea. An outright orgasmic, orchestrated gathering can take place in the most intimate of relationships. But, unfortunately, we too often have our sights set on something ‘better’ over the shoulder of our partner.

What is it we are searching for? How did we lose interest, when just a moment ago our mate made our heart throbbing and our knees wobbling? The problems begins when we set up an idea of what we expect from the other. Yes, we expect the other to fulfill something in us we believe we do not possess.

Truth be known: humans are driven by lack and fear. We are also constantly steering away from pain and striving toward pleasure. When the object of our foremost desire begins to dwindle in the pleasure-seeking particular department, it is only because we have set up unattainable, exclusionary, illusion-drenched goal for the partner to master.

We are no longer satisfied with the mere act of them jumping over four foot hurdles. We want them to scale even taller buildings, or soar into the skies carrying a banner which reads: I will fulfill your every need and desire! Impossible. Nobody can do that. Furthermore, who would really want to do that much?

You don’t ask nobody to give what they can’t give, or be what they can’t be. You’ve learnt that, you got a head start on heartbreak ~ Jack Farris

Here’s the deal for real. Don’t burden your partner with your love. Carry your own bags. Jump your own hurdles. Your partner is most probably not in the habit of playing the ‘Magnificent Wizard of Oz’ for you, or anyone else. You need to concentrate on what’s going on with you, instead of being a makeshift, phony, make-you-feel-so-wonderful mill of continual, exhausting output. That ‘selfless’ mill will soon shut its doors.

When we come back home to our first love, as is written in ancient scripts, then and only then, are we capable of truly offering love. Then we no longer need not give it, or take it away. We simply radiate it, and remain still at the same time. No worries. No burdens.

As unbelievable as it may sound, we push the other away because we are so cramped ourselves. We don’t want or need to be responsible for their happiness. But we expect them to be responsible for ours? We have inadvertently taken on the identity of the other person to the point of duplicating. Who wants to be imitated?

If you can learn to stop expecting impossible perfection, in yourself and others, you may find the happiness that has always eluded you ~ Lisa Kleypas

True love is free and unbounded, with no restrictions or demands. No air of possession seeps into the relationship. Because once it does, it will soon dissolve or, at the very least, another mate will slip into your shared bed, carrying no arbitrary demands. True love sets up no barriers, and holds no reservations.

We either walk this thing called life together, and jump the hurdles as we each so choose, without dictation or demonstrated guidelines, or we exit. It’s as simple as that.

About The Author: Paula

Paula's innate metaphysical abilities, artistic talents, and entrepreneurial acumen have mixed wonderfully together to create a social media sensation, one who enjoys great popularity on LinkedIn, Instragram, Facebook, and YouTube. She dispenses not only accurate and intuitive divine wisdom but has artistic offerings that include vibrational soul paintings displayed on the internet, and she is a gifted singer and music producer as well. Her calling as a cosmic therapist led her to be the founder of MODE (Masters of Divine Essence) Cosmic Therapy Research Center, where she's published numerous books, songs and plays, and has held many workshops and seminars throughout the Southeast. She even produced her own program, The Mode of Cosmic Therapy Interactive Television Show that aired on WRTN, in Raleigh, NC, for ten years. Paula is also an avid astrologer who interprets the stars and predicts your chart energies at work. If you'd like a detailed glimpse at your own cosmic blueprint, or you have burning questions that require clear answers, Paula will employ all the tools and talents at her disposal for a reading that will dazzle and transform your life. You can find Paula at

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