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My ‘Tough Love’ Parents Raised A Strong Woman

click here now for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI can remember when I was in my 20s and just starting out in life. I strived to be an adult my parents would be proud to say they raised. For some reason, my parents approval was very important to me.

I aimed to follow in my parents footsteps by getting a ‘good job’ that would support the lifestyle I wanted for myself. I also got married, bought a house, and pretty much walked the same path my parents had done.

I was raised by parents who helped us financially when they could, but never to the extreme, and only when I proved to them that I was not being wasteful with funds. They were always willing to help whenever something came up that I could not afford on my own.

I can remember being a tad jealous of my high school friends, who I still had communication with, when their parents would hand them thousands of dollars simply because they wanted a new car, or wished to go on a trip. I would watch as those friends lives were so much less stressful than mine. They had the safety net of their parents financially, as well as in many other aspects of their everyday life.

As I grew older, and my parents’ ability to support their children decreased, and eventually became non-existent when they passed, I noticed a distinct difference in myself and my friends who had parents that supported them through much of their adult life. Those friends who seemed to have everything so easy, and didn’t have to struggle as I had to, did not seem to be able to weather the storms that life sometimes throws at us.

You can live without anything you weren’t born with, and you can make it through on even half of that ~ Gloria Naylor

This became very apparent around the economic recession of 2008-2009 when so many people were losing their houses and jobs. One of my very good friends, who in my opinion had it very easy most of her adult life, fell victim to the down-sizing at that time. During that same period her father also passed away suddenly.  Which meant her mother no longer could afford to help her financially, as she had become so accustomed to.

My friend seemed completely helpless after the loss of her job. Having no skills whatsoever with regard to how manage her finances on a tight budget, she was struggling. She no longer could afford to get her hair styled every six weeks, as she had done for most of her life. She could also no longer afford to eat out most nights of the week, which meant she actually had to learn to cook affordable meals to feed her family. She had many new life challenges to figure out.

Throughout this time we still kept in contact, but we began to drift apart, because she was now being forced to adapt to a different, unfamiliar way of life. She could no longer brag about the expensive trips she was going on, or what new designer shoes she bought.

Around this time I also started looking at my parents through a new set of eyes. My minor resentment of them for ‘making life harder on me, compared to my friends’ parents’ was now making way for a whole new perspective. I began to realize that not having the financial privileges my friends had with their parents, and having been forced to struggle more than others, taught me many valuable life skills that now ensured my survival.

Some are born with silver spoons in their mouth…but some had to work from zero to hero to live the life they are living today.. make your own living, let your sweat serve to water the seeds of your success ~ Piet Ntema

When I also lost my job in early 2009, I fared so much better than most of my friends did. It was not such a drastic shift for me and my family to shrink our budget and adapt or lifestyle to accommodate our new income level. Instead of wallowing in self-pity over the demise of my cushy corporate job, as most of my privileged friends were doing, we reinvented our way to making a living.

We did anything and everything to make sure we had enough money every month to maintain our lifestyle. Meanwhile my friends were losing their houses, their cars were being repossessed, and they were filing bankruptcy left and right.

Recently, at our 30th class reunion, I got to spend time with many of these high school friends. Spending time with them again, after all these years, and listening to how their lives are now, I finally realized how my parents actually did me a huge favor by raising me the way they did.

Today, I am deeply grateful I was never handed anything on a silver platter. It made the strong, independent, confident women I am today. I am lucky to have been raised by parents wise enough to give me tough love when I needed it.

About The Author: June

June is an experienced and gifted reader in Indiana, near Lake Michigan, who enjoys the peace of the woods and the energy it provides her. A double Taurus, led by earthy and dependable Venus, she will help you to navigate your life on a steady course. Many come to her at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn, or even how to move forward. Not only does June lift the obstacles and show you your path, but she also helps you to embrace the positive light that will guide you. She's helped numerous people in all areas of life for the past fifteen years, and has honed her abilities as an active member of her Spiritualist Church, by helping others in her congregation. For many years she's enjoyed a front row seat to witness all the events play out, just as she was shown by her Guides. June inherited her gifts from the generations that came before her, but she also finds new skills popping up unexpectedly with clients. Mary and Suzie are the Spirit Guides she works with, and she delivers their messages in a style that suits each of her client's particular needs that day. June has been a high-rated reader on the internet, as well, and enjoys the accessibility the internet provides, so people can easily find her. If you'd like to find a highly accurate reader who gets her messages out quickly, and who can raise you up high on your path, you can find June at

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