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The Secret Stepping Stone Towards Positivity

click here for a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI used to have a sign on my desk at work that said, “No negativity!” I found that most of my co-workers responded well to this message. The majority of my interactions, even the challenging ones, were pleasant.

Naturally, there were inevitably a few contrary folks who would see my sign and say smugly, “Isn’t no negativity a negative message?” To which I would smile and respond, “Two negatives equal a positive.”

Sometimes, people would approach me and say, “I respect your sign, but I’m just not feeling positive today.” I would then do my best to be sympathetic. “It’s okay,” I would say, “I’m not asking you to be positive. I’m just asking for you to not be negative.” I would then try to remind them that most things are not simply black or white.

People typically only think in terms of positive and negative, and completely forget about the third option, namely neutral. There is no need to fake being happy when you are not. But there is also no need to choose the opposite reaction, by jumping into the arms of misery or gloom.

No matter how naturally positive or optimistic a person may be, there will always be times in everyone’s life, when they just aren’t feeling upbeat or enthusiastic. Telling them someone to “think positive” or “just smile” doesn’t really help in those moments. In fact, it can make a person even more upset or frustrated, because it seems like other people don’t realize the extent of their pain. It can also make a person feel depressed or guilty about even having natural human emotions.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

So, why is it so hard to flip the switch from being negative to positive? I believe it is because people tend to forget one critical step – neutrality. Everyone and everything is energy vibrating at various frequencies. All matter, you and I included, consist of atoms with positive electrical charges, (protons), negative electrical charges, (electrons), and no charges (neutrons).

Neutrons, and neutrality, is the spot that both binds and separates positive and negative. Neutrality is the place that says, “I will hold space for both positive and negative, but won’t be consumed by either.” Neutrality is a bridge.

For instance, if you are dreading a meeting with your employer, don’t focus on all the time it will waste, or that your boss may be displeased with you for some reason. Choose to be neutral instead, and just remain open to what happens. Things may turn out very differently than negatively expected.

The meeting might even be quick! Your boss might have just received some good news. Even if the meeting does turn out to be time-consuming, or your boss is an awful grouch, you will not have used up additional time, energy, and emotions to worry about it beforehand.

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude ~ William James

Neutrality is the secret stepping stone most people overlook when they attempt to shift from negativity towards being more positive. When we opt for neutrality as a first step, we are more open to what may come, without creating anxiety or discomfort for ourselves and others.

The next time you want to change a bad mood, or quit worrying about things that will probably never happen, don’t beat yourself up about not being positive enough. Life is not a fairytale, where we are constantly surrounded by singing birds, butterflies, and unicorns.  Instead, remind yourself that neutrality may be a more viable option. Once you are open to what may come, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you receive.

About The Author: Traci

Traci lives in North Texas and is an active member of the Dallas Psychic Fair community. Descended from a long line of ancestors with various abilities, she's had prophetic dreams and has communicated with Spirits, hearing and seeing them, since early childhood. Adept at automatic writing, Tarot reading, Mediumship, I Ching, Astrology, and dream interpretation, her talents are in high demand. With the help of her Guides and the Guides of her clients, she's provided valuable, insightful information--for over thirty years--relaying messages that have changed the lives of her clients. In addition to her long-distance and in-person readings, she provides focused, detailed and highly accurate readings at local fairs and private parties she's often asked to attend. Traci is an artistic soul and lover of the arts. She's an accomplished published author of poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction. For a reading with this multi-talented, multi-tooled, Intuitive practitioner, you can find Traci at

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