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A Paranormal Ordeal Beyond My Experience

click here for a free psychic reading a PsychicAccess.comAlmost a month ago we moved into a haunted house, but this was more than the average haunting. In fact, it became a lesson for me to follow my intuition… and never to ignore red flags!

When we first decided to move to this house, I knew right away something was off, but immediately dismissed it as ‘residual energy’ from its previous occupants. Initially, I had planned to cleanse the property, before moving into it. But life got busy and we had to move in prior to me performing the cleanse.

The very first day, in broad daylight, the first sense that something was really very wrong finally hit me. I just didn’t feel myself, and every client that called me for a reading was hesitant with me… for apparently I didn’t sound myself either.

I felt an inexplicable rage boiling inside of me, and I was having ‘conversations’ in my head. Well, more like arguments,  lashing out at everyone and everything that put us in this position. I experienced anxiety and anger that was seemingly out of my control and I truly did not feel myself. It also didn’t seem like anything I would normally do to combat this kind of feeling, was working in any way, shape, nor form.

Then I heard the voice coming out of me, the attitude. Meanwhile, I was doing everything in my power to suppress it and hold myself together. I was biting words. Waves of white rage took hold of me.

My husband left the house that day, to attend a meeting. As soon as he did, I decided to run a bath, in the hope of improving my mood. But once I sat in the tub, a heavy energy filled the room. I could hear my heart beating in my ears. An unseen, dark energy attacked my senses, and my physical self, for now I was being held down in the bathtub. If a paranormal entity becomes physical with you, it definitely does not want you in it’s perceived space, at all!

A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises ~ J.M. Barrie

I started phoning people I worked with in the psychic and paranormal investigation field. These are people I know that are gifted in dealing with all types of metaphysical energy; people that can read the situation with no prior information. I needed clean, objective information, and that is exactly what they all gave me. Each and every one of them picked up that we were not the only energy in the house. Several spirit entities were picked up on, but most importantly the main negative entity that was terrorizing everyone who ever lived here.

It has been years since I have personally experienced this type of paranormal activity. Battling waves of anxiety and anger, I pushed forward. When my husband finally got home from his meeting, his eyes met mine. “What happened,” he instantly asked. It was more of a statement than a question.

We walked into the garage. The former owner’s habit of hoarding everything, ‘just in case,’ surrounded us – that, and our own unpacked belongings piled everywhere. The clutter added to the thick atmosphere that was in the air. I sat beside my husband on one of the two chairs by his workbench, there we had cleared a space for us to hang out when the house became too much… which was almost every minute at this point.

Taking a deep breath, looked at him and said, “You know I’m not an alarmist. I seldom say anything to you about what I see or feel, but please, take my word for it, we have a very serious problem in this house.” He stayed silent and listened to the events that transpired when he left the house. We both knew we felt something here.

I mistakenly took the bad vibe at first as leftover energy from the couple that lived here before us. Everyone leaves an energy imprint behind in houses or buildings. This couple had emotional struggles, which created a tense environment.

I felt the blame landed directly on my shoulders. I should have trusted my gut and warned my husband. I should have looked into it more deeply. I should have cleansed the house before we moved in. All sorts of regrets were running through my head.

Ghosts began to walk early, and are walking still, in spite of the shrill cock-crow of wir haben ja aufgeklärt ~ James Russell Lowell

Then my husband admitted he had also seen a dark shadow darting into a room, followed by a white, misty apparition. So, yes, he also sensed something was here.

While we talked, I was checking over my bruises I had sustained during my bath incident, and the subsequent shove into the doorway. That chilled feeling stayed with me, while a feeling of unsettled anxiety came at me in waves. I felt defeated in that moment, for everything energetically that usually works in an instant, didn’t make a dent this time.

Ignoring it was not an option. My husband was not its target. I was. And I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. Easy pickings. It knew that I was low in energy. I just became it’s plaything, and worst of all, channel to this realm. This thing was intelligent, cunning and devastatingly pure evil.

Entities like this will affect people with different abilities, accordingly. It chose to take me on during a very overwhelming, stressful time. These things live to divide and conquer, to destroy. They will, in fact, work on individuals one at a time.  They have an agenda, and that agenda can be challenging, to say the least. All I heard repeating in my mind was, “And so it begins.”

We went to bed that night, with this knowledge weighing on us.  Some things I had not shared with my husband yet. He may have very well already known it, but it was left unsaid. Better that way sometimes. I had, for example, placed Solomon Seals on all four corners of our bed, for protection. It’s the highest form of protection in my arsenal.

We were both on edge. I couldn’t sleep. He was exhausted from his travels, and seemed to fall asleep in an instant. Starting at my feet, I felt pressure and tingling, like small nails scraping my skin. The blanket moved with a jerk, and I moved my legs quickly to try and shake it off me. As soon as I stopped, I felt the weight and the pressure of something laying on top of me.

A person terrified with the imagination of spectres, is more reasonable than one who thinks the appearance of spirits fabulous and groundless ~ Joseph Addison

The feeling in the bedroom made my blood run cold. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen and dining room area. The cutlery drawer in the kitchen rattled, as though someone was shaking the plastic divider on the inside.

I walked down the first set of stairs that opens into the living room. The house felt like it was throbbing. Darker shadows darted past me to the furthest corners in the room. The hair on the back of my head stood up. I could hear my own heart beating. A wave of anxiety and fear gripped me, so hard that I froze on the spot. You might think I would have been out of that house in a hot second… but that didn’t happen. This thing invoked fear and anxiety. Mostly, it was the anxiety that was so very difficult to deal with. I would be lying if I said, as experienced and knowledgeable as I am, that I wasn’t afraid at all. I was! I knew this thing could physically touch me, and had already experienced that, more than once.

I lit some candles and tried to muster the grounding energy I knew I was so usually capable of, but there was nothing. Anger was surging in me and I could hear the voices in my head cursing and raging, mostly at my husband, blaming him for all this. Of course, it wasn’t his fault, and I knew I wasn’t myself. I struggled to bring myself back, to no avail.

My husband had to leave on another work trip the next day, and I was in the house by myself. I was relieved, but also felt the weight of this situation on me at the same time. It was difficult to say the least.

My husband knows what I do for a living, but he has never actually seen the rituals one has to perform in order to combat this type of entity. And I wasn’t in the state where I felt the need to explain myself, or what I was doing. This is not just a quick smudge of the house with sage incense, or getting a priest to bless the home. “Pray, just pray,” some might say.

I have many eclectic friends out there, many of them of different beliefs, faiths and spiritual traditions. We all see the light that shines from within people, but different beliefs sometimes collide in these situations.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win ~ Stephen King

Sometimes people will insist that something should work… and if it does not, then perhaps you are the one that isn’t living right. But beliefs are one’s own. To put blame on the believer if something does not miraculously change, is a belief system based on guilt and shame, and has nothing to do with what, or whom you believe in.

My experience over the years has been this: we try something and if that does not work, we come at it from a different angle. This is how we learn and develop our craft, as well as to identify the spirits or entities, and their level of strength.

First, I made holy water and sprayed the entire house. I sprayed every cupboard, drawer, closet. Nothing was left untouched.  Next, I used Dragon’s Blood, a natural tree resin from Peru, to smudge the house. I started at the front door, and once again targeted every nook and cranny.

Using black salt, or kala namak, an Indian volcanic mineral salt, I cast a circle around the perimeter of the house. I lit every candle and every piece of incense I could find, including sweet grass and sage, and I placed Solomon Seals in every room. I then blasted every room with white light, and pink light.

Meanwhile, all I kept hearing in my head was, “I hate this house! He placed me here, how dare he!” The words were echoing in my mind on repeat. I felt the hate and anger overtake me, once again. Once again, I began calling some of my friends, to get their views and their support. Every one of them told me that I didn’t sound like myself. And it wasn’t me. I knew that at some level.

After several text messages and phone calls, I managed to piece together what was going on within these walls, and most importantly on the land. The formerly human spirits were not aggressive, nor hateful. There was one, a little girl around eight or nine years old, very sweet, who was terrified of the ‘big one,’ as she called it.  At least six formerly human spirits were in the house at various times of day.

Some places speak distinctly. Certain dark gardens cry aloud for a murder; certain old houses demand to be haunted; certain coasts are set apart for shipwreck ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

The large dark energy was something else. The other spirits would scatter as soon as it entered. There was no doubt that the energy in the house shifted, when he was around. You could feel the pressure change, and my ears would instantly plug. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, as did the tiniest hairs on my arms. I was gripped with the feeling that something was standing close… and about to grab me. It touched me on more than one occasion, but not quite as dramatically as the bathtub incident.

As soon as I felt its presence, I would start pushing energy to protect myself. I envisioned the entire room filled with light… bright, pure, white light. I would push that light in-between the walls of the house.

With the help of a soul sister, we went through the house metaphysically. It took a concerted effort to stay focused on the light. I was at the same time, battling an energy that was hell bent on destroying. These things are what cause people’s lives to turn upside down. They feed off angst. And in order to do that, they cause it.

I then discovered a strong connection to the First Nations, the indigenous peoples of Canada. One spirit in particular came forward. He was angry, very angry. He was the Elder, the protector of this land, a Medicine Man, a Sun Dancer, the most spiritual of all spiritual peoples when he was in this life.

What had happened on this land, still made the land weep, what had happened to the people that respected this land, was so abhorrent that no words could every touch the level of pain that they experienced. I shuddered as the Elder showed me clairvoyant images of this in my mind’s eye. I heard the wailing, I caught a glimpse of the ceremonies. I felt the utter despair, hatred and the desire for revenge. No one would ever rest here, not if he had anything to say about it. The Elder was one of two ancients that remain here… and the Darkest One, was not human at all.

I finally realized the energies that were residing in this home were drawn here by all the pain and anguish that the energy of the land was co-creating, like a record on repeat. It had no agenda, other than to feed, create fear and anxiety, and feed again. Through the years, I have learned that many spirits can occupy the same space and yet have nothing to do with each other.

It’s a skill that’s evolved over hundreds of paranormal investigations and has taught me that the human body is the best means of paranormal detection. I’ve become a fine-tuned instrument of spiritual sensitivity ~ Zak Bagans

Wisely, the next day I reached out to a client who has become a close friend over the years. She is a healer who specializes in releasing trauma stored at a cellular level. This entity was bringing my past battles to the surface. If you have read some of my previous blogs, you will know this was not the first time I have battled a dark energy. My dear friend helped me release the old trauma, and in doing so, I felt my strength and senses come back to a more balanced state.

On the night of the Full Moon last month, I took the opportunity to honor the Elder who was so very angry, asking him to help us heal and protect the land. I asked him to protect us from any other energies that may be pulled in, for there was an open portal on this land, and I needed to find the exact location in order to close it. I had reached out to many people who are experts in this particular field. Together, we have been working tirelessly on changing the vibration of the land and the home. The Elder, who now has become an ally and protector, is a welcome addition to the energy in our new home.

I’m happy to report that all has been quiet and calm for a couple of weeks now. I am still diligent about blessing the home, smudging and cleansing often. Yes, these incidents can be terribly frightening and challenging, but there is always a way to combat them. I’ve said this many times over the years, darkness can never conquer the light.

The most important thing to remember, if you have moved into a home that you feel is not right, is to follow your instincts.  Never dismiss your intuition or gut feelings. If you walk into a space and feel uncomfortable, listen to your inner guidance.  Reach out to knowledgeable people. There are many reputable professionals available who specialize in this particular field. Most importantly…own your space. Never underestimate your inner spiritual strength.

About The Author: Isthemus

Isthemus is an experienced psychic advisor with her own Metaphysical Company based out of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. A natural born empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant, intuitive Counsellor and psychic advisor. Patty still does Paranormal Investigations as well as teaching workshops on how to interpret signs. You can talk to Isthemus at

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