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Neptune And The Dawning Of A Spiritual New Age

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWhen you think of the sea, what sort of feeling transpires? Before I even began to study Astrology, I intuitively linked the sea to spirituality, as I’m sure all living creatures have since the beginning of time on Earth. The sea washes and foams to the shores, carries up our toes, and to our knees, surrounding us with an overwhelming sense of eternalness.

We associate her with all of the gifts, and torments of life and the higher wisdoms revealed therein. To us she is death, she is life, she is the unknown, the subconscious. Beneath her is all mystery. The effects of the sea stir in us all a sensual experience, the intensity of which may be surreal, tranquil, or chaotic depending on her mood. The sea seems to intoxicate, and estrange us from reality. She is commonly viewed as an escape.

You may be aware that Pisces rules the sea. For this reason the entire spectrum of our psychology devoted to water and the ocean is connected to Pisces, and the planet Neptune, which rules Pisces. What are our associations with the sea, what does water in its physical essence, mean to the human spirit? To name a few, romance, spirituality, escape, fantasy, dream, sleep, the subconscious, the depths of mystery, intoxication, and mysticism.

In Astrology, Neptune would be the energy of these things, while Pisces would be their behavior. In other words, Neptune is, for instance, the sea, and the sign of Pisces is the circumstances of being sea-like. Neptune is the actor, and Pisces is the script.

Neptune, the planetary spiritual powerhouse, taps the depths of human experience to make deep and lasting impressions on the evolution of the human race ~ Katharina Wehrli

Neptune, named after Poseidon, the Greek sea god, is known as ‘The Great Dissolver.’ Neptune, was first sighted by Galileo in 1612, but not actually confirmed as a known planet until 1846. The confusion surrounding its discovery was suitable. Neptune, The Great Dissolver, is quite well-known for her foggy and clouded embrace. The energy of Neptune is a voice from the unknown, the sea bottom, the doorways of higher consciousness, which undo our realities and force us to accept the unknowing of the Divine.

Pisces, the two fish, represent the inner motion of our being – the hidden components of our creature. Pisces is idealistic, otherworldly, and self sacrificing – none of these things seem very applicable in terms of our ‘dog-eat-dog,’ basic, physical instincts. Pisces transcends such realities, and manifests gateways towards a higher calling, one which speaks to the artistic, and spiritual expression of our natures.

Both Neptune and Pisces relate to music, the occult, spirituality, and art. So, why am I writing about them? It so happens that we are now at the door of a spiritual age, and it has everything to do with Pisces, and its ruling planet, Neptune.

You may recall the extreme rainfall of 2011? At that time, Neptune had just transited from Aquarius into Pisces. So, the Sea God went to the ocean and what did we get? Water… and lots of it! This is significant because, since Neptune’s discovery in 1846, we have never seen Neptune in its home sign of Pisces.

Since the mid-1800s, when it was first found, Neptune has not, to our awareness, been this intense before. This is because Neptune has a 165 year cycle, so it takes a little while to move through the Zodiac. For the past 14 years, Neptune has been in Aquarius, ruling technology, humanity, and the New Age.

Not surprisingly, our spirituality (Neptune) has been quite Aquarian (New Age), and our higher meaning and escape (Neptune) has been vested in technology (Aquarius) and connecting with others, everywhere, thanks to the Internet. While that has been fun, the deep and fluid Neptune hasn’t quite felt so at home in the dry and fixed energy that is Aquarius, and so our spiritual identities have been less than cultivated. But when Neptune switched from Aquarius to Pisces in the Spring of 2011, that began to change.

The sixth ray energy of Mars (lower chakra energy) is transmuted into the sixth ray energy of Neptune (higher chakra energy), for the one is “objective and full of blood”, and the other is “subjective and full of life.” ~ Alice Bailey

And the change has just begun. Often planets make a more realized impact when they first transit into a sign, as Neptune did when she first entered Pisces. There was magnificent flooding, and a  high volume of metaphysical interest and ethereal sense of higher knowing was being felt by many people at this time. But Neptune returned for one last time to Aquarius shortly after, having gone retrograde by mid-summer of 2011. She remained there for the Fall and Winter, before leaving for good in February of 2012, upon her return to Pisces. Now her energy in Pisces has stabilized, and although she is once again in retrograde, she will not return to Aquarius.

Since Neptune stays in each sign for such a long time, like all of the slow orbiting planets, her transit from one sign to another is highly significant. But this is especially true for Neptune, because, as I stated, aside from the time of her discovery, we’ve never seen her in her ruling sign of Pisces before, and she is very strong now. Of course she was in Pisces countless other times, prior to her discovery, but her impact was latent, because she had not yet been discovered. Our awareness of the heavens impacts our relationship to them. If a planet has not yet been discovered, it is thought that humankind is not ready to truly relate to the energy of that planet. And so for the second time in history, the world is now actively, consciously experiencing Neptune in Pisces.

So, what does this all really mean? Well, to better illustrate, imagine you’re taking a bath. Now imagine you’re taking a bath while you meditate on opiates, after having read a few chapters of The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, in which the author elaborates on his psychedelic experience under the influence of mescaline, and all that while listening to the psychedelic rock music of Jefferson Airplane! That’s Neptune in Pisces.

Obviously I’m exaggerating, but we are beginning to see that influence all around us, if we pay attention. Even in pop culture, style has become more inventive, and ‘out there’ in expression; music is more transient, and astral. The sound of a lot of the newer bands is highly esoteric and haunting. And with musical Neptune in Pisces, there’s no lack of talent out there.

What’s popular today aside, spirituality, in my opinion, has experienced a serious boom in awareness – more than ever perhaps. More people are skipping religion in favor of a journey dedicated to higher consciousness, meaning, and truth.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of excellence in which personal purity shall absolutely matter ~ Harbhajan Singh Yogi

I believe we will continue to see over the next 14 years further exploration of the spiritual aspect of human nature, which has been so heavily neglected and brushed aside by modern thinking. We will find ourselves asking the questions which suit a mystical perspective – asking the questions that only serve to dissolve the current answers, but hardly offer up any concrete replacements. Truth will be better understood as a thing undefined, and our spiritual selves will be addressed.

There may be a lot of misleading representatives of spirituality these days — cults and what not — but this is necessary, as the energy of such things all combines to make us reflect that what is said to be known cannot really be known, and what is known cannot be expressed through worldly modules.

We may also see in this time people using drugs for purposes of spiritual enlightenment, and probably a lot more drug abuse in general. I myself don’t use drugs; I already am way too out there when I’m sober! However, I do think some of the drug use might serve to open higher paths of understanding, while some of it, as can be expected, will only serve as an excuse to basically, get high.

Music and art will become a greater devotion in all spheres, and I expect both will improve a great deal. Of course, in exchange for all of this, Neptune, like the sea, will demand a sacrifice. But perhaps it is one we will have to make, in order for any of our higher evolution to be possible.

About The Author: Layna

Layna is a third-generation psychic, with abilities she inherited from both sides of her family. Currently she lives in Boulder, Colorado, but she has been serving clients professionally since she was twenty-one and has practiced in many places. For over thirteen years now, she's provided life-transforming guidance and has armed clients with the valuable information they need to decide their best course of action. She is also a talented astrologer and a clairvoyant empathic, who can accurately get into the heads of anyone and also predict the energies at play based on a client's natal astrological chart. Layna makes her mark wherever she goes because of her talents, and has built a successful practice because of the warmth, honesty and trust she creates in her environment. There is no off-the-clock with Layna. Once you're her client, her compassionate nature works overtime, sending you positive energy and prayers she would never charge you for! If you would like to sample her amazing psychic antenna, you can find Layna at

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