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You Can Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThere is currently much talk about the possibility of another cigarette tax increase in my state. The hardcore smokers are of course adamantly opposed. It’s going to cost them a lot more money to sustain their habit. The reasoning behind the proposed increase is that the smokers are costing everyone else more money, in terms long-term health care, so why not put the burden on the smokers through the cost of cigarettes.

Fortunately, this shift in public perception is inspiring more smokers to stop. More people are seeking hypnotherapy as a means to help them stop. As a hypnotherapist, I use the word stop and not quit, because quitting implies giving something up, while stopping means ending a dreadful habit and improving one’s life and long-term health.

Many doctors, researchers and hypnotists will tell you that hypnotherapy is the most successful way to stop smoking cigarettes. Reports state that up to 80% of people who use hypnosis actually stop, and about 50% or more remain non-smokers after one year. That’s double or more compared to any other method, such as using a nicotine patch or medication.

The potential side-effects of the other methods are also not pleasant and may include headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, stomach upset, nausea, breathing difficulties, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, nervousness, anxiety, and tremors. With hypnotherapy, the only ‘side-effects’ are improved sleep, improved well-being, decreased stress, less pain, better quality of life, and increased self-esteem and self-confidence!

Not only will giving up cigarettes put more money in your pocket, your body will thank you for it ~ Auliq Ice

When people chose medical or other methods to stop smoking, they are pretty much giving it up to outside influences. With hypnosis you are reaching out to your own truths and taking them on as your new way of life. I am not saying that other methods are a complete waste of time, or totally ineffective. They do help many people to stop smoking, but adding hypnotherapy to the mix definitely improves the process.

Hypnosis is however not a magic pill. Hypnosis helps a person to do what they want to do, by getting past the obstacles created by a lack of willpower and self-belief. You have to want to stop smoking in order for hypnosis to work. Hypnosis takes the issue to the subconscious mind, where all one’s memories and the feelings about those memories are stored and processed.

People often feel that smoking helps them to deal better with life’s challenges, or even that they enjoy smoking. But how can someone truly enjoy smoking cigarettes knowing the consequences? Our feelings about things are the driving force that directs us forward in our everyday lives. We make our decisions based on how we feel about issues. If we believe cigarettes help us in some way, despite knowing the downfalls, we allow ourselves to light up another one. We give ourselves excuses.

A person might say, “I get my best creative ideas while smoking.” So, he feels that smoking helps him get great ideas. Every time he wants to mull something over, he habitually lights up. This is irrational, because if he always has a cigarette in his mouth, when else can he get good ideas!

Many people also believe cigarettes relax them, because every opportunity they get to relax, they light up. Do the cigarettes make them relax? No, cigarettes are stimulants. It’s all the deep breathing that helps smokers to relax, as well as the fact that they are taking a break when they smoke. Try deep breathing instead to relax and you will see the same effect.

No one can quit smoking for you, or make you want to change your life. No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do ~ Gudjon Bergmann

Much about how one feels is about your own self-talk. Tell yourself something and you tend to believe it, and act on it. Hypnosis helps people to bring positive self-talk to the front of their minds and leave behind the old negative and irrational self-talk. Hypnosis is about using positive suggestions and affirmations to bring one to choose the course of action in the moment, which truly confirms their desired reaction through their true beliefs. If someone wants to stop smoking, they should be constantly and consistently telling themselves why, and stop giving themselves excuses. It’s a mental process more than a physical one.

A person can beat the ‘nicotine monster’ by telling it that it has been beaten. Create the future in the moment by saying, “I am in control and smoking cigarettes is a thing of my past. I am now a non-smoker.” While in the state of hypnosis these beliefs become self-evident and the statements become embedded in our reactions to situations. Therefore, when a friend offers you a cigarette, your reaction off the top of your head will be instead, “Smoking cigarettes is a thing of my past. I am a non-smoker.” Isn’t that better?

Cigarettes are not only taxing to one’s pocketbook. The many chemicals in tobacco also tax your immune system, brain, cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, muscular system, nervous system, and respiratory system. Cigarettes do not relax they create stress and illness. All cancer has a common root in stress.

When you think about it, why would a person ever want to start smoking in the first place? Social pressure is most often the root. Others were doing it and you were being encouraged to be sophisticated, macho, sexy or cool. But the real social pressure of the day concerning cigarette smoking is that it will cost you in more than one way. Fortunately, hypnosis can save you in the and empower you to live a healthy, happy cigarette, cigarette tax free life. The choice is yours.

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