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Change – The Sublime Season Of Necessity

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe are part of a world that is continually changing. It’s happening in the very air we breathe. But why is change so difficult? For most people, creating major changes in their lives makes for a difficult and unsettling period. The reason being that attachment to familiar activities, along with the people, places, friends and family which have constituted one’s world thus far, increases the probability of not wanting to let go. But change is inevitable, and without it the pain endured by trying to remain unmoved is almost unbearable… growing in intensity with each day endured.

Nothing remains the same. Try as we might, we cannot continue to live in an unaltered world. Chaos is part of dissolving our imagined pristine worlds. Chaos fosters the creative change so vitally needed in our day-to-day living. In all actuality, people don’t change; seasons do. And, when the season of change is upon us, we are powerless in the face of it. To surrender totally remains the only option, if we are too prevent an extended, abysmal stay in an unwanted reality.

In order to stay alive, we must destroy the food we eat by consuming it, through the destructive process of assimilation. If we left it in an untouched form, by not digesting it and not having it changed into the chemical composition we need, we would literally starve to death. So too must we participate in the process of destroying some of the existing elements in our lives in order to continue living more fully. We can only procrastinate, hide, deny and resist for so long, until ‘creation of the new’ demands our response, with or without our approval.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future ~ John F. Kennedy

Escape, through avoidance, is not an option. We must face the recurring discordant notes in the symphony of our life. After all, harmonic resonance in the melody could not be fully appreciated, without some dissonance included. What most often happens, though, is that we want and try to see the benefit before we take the journey. We demand to know the reasoning behind the disruption beforehand, which often (if ever) does not reveal itself.

We seek pleasure and try to avoid pain as much as possible. We desire our choices to be one of preference. We want to feel ‘good’ about what we’re doing; or at the very least, derive a sense of purposeful direction of necessity. The problem arises when we need too much. To ponder what can’t possibly be revealed before it is time, brings with it undue anxiety and discontent. Because we all possess the basic drive for continued nurturing, guidance and protection, we don’t like being in the dark, stumbling in the void, without verifiable answers.

Change places us in the awkward, uncomfortable, unprotected position of being ‘on guard,’ waiting for the ax to drop. In reality, there is no need for added protection when change comes calling. What we are really dealing with is disguised paranoia. We misinterpret the situation and react to it as something necessary, in order to adjust to the change, without losing our so-called grounded footing.

But, unfortunately, we are doing nothing except fooling ourselves by designing an elaborate story in which we may maneuver more contentedly, until at such time we find our once familiar rhythm. When the cherished ‘clung to’ situation has obviously changed around us, while we still try to maintain a semblance of supposed order, the ground will shift even more abruptly, in order to shake us out of our preferred sleep.

In other words, the unwarranted paranoia is unfounded and defunct. Nothing occurs, has occurred, or ever will occur that is not precisely and exactly what the sacred hour of provision calls for. If we but remember, life’s changes are not designed to annihilate, but to germinate. Our permission, validation, acceptance and approval will not be sought. The season has changed and we must move with it.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg

Our manipulative tactics, of trying to win, get the best shot, the biggest advantage, will not prove fruitful or beneficial. Like water being changed into ice; though the molecular structure has been altered, the chemical composition remains the same. And, so too are we in the process of peeling back another layer to our ‘yet-to-be-discovered’ seeded potential.

Unfortunately, sprouting new seeds is the last thing people want to do. We all realize that in any luscious flower garden, unwanted weeds will pop up. Most of us also do not want to find and eliminate the pestering parasites in our gardens. What parasites? Self-doubt, fear, anxiety, guilt, regret, remorse, suspicion, powerlessness and loss of security.

The real culprit, however, is our inability to realize and declare with full certainty that we don’t have a clue. We never have an inkling of understanding of what is to be, or for what divine reasons the various begetting circumstances occurred. If there be divine reason, we will never know it, since the complexity of the extenuating tentacles, surrounding the involvement, is much too complicated and diverse for our finite minds to sort out, much less comprehend.

So, acceptance remains our only recourse – a sublime sanctified resignation, if you will. We must surrender and acknowledge that it is futile and pointless to fight the inevitable. Whatever takes place unfolds for reasons we can’t see now, but is the only possible way for the events or relationships to have transpired, or it just wouldn’t be. It’s that simple and profound.

It’s happening all the time.

About The Author: Paula

Paula's innate metaphysical abilities, artistic talents, and entrepreneurial acumen have mixed wonderfully together to create a social media sensation, one who enjoys great popularity on LinkedIn, Instragram, Facebook, and YouTube. She dispenses not only accurate and intuitive divine wisdom but has artistic offerings that include vibrational soul paintings displayed on the internet, and she is a gifted singer and music producer as well. Her calling as a cosmic therapist led her to be the founder of MODE (Masters of Divine Essence) Cosmic Therapy Research Center, where she's published numerous books, songs and plays, and has held many workshops and seminars throughout the Southeast. She even produced her own program, The Mode of Cosmic Therapy Interactive Television Show that aired on WRTN, in Raleigh, NC, for ten years. Paula is also an avid astrologer who interprets the stars and predicts your chart energies at work. If you'd like a detailed glimpse at your own cosmic blueprint, or you have burning questions that require clear answers, Paula will employ all the tools and talents at her disposal for a reading that will dazzle and transform your life. You can find Paula at

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