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The Importance Of Clearing Negative Energy

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA couple days ago, I needed to be in contact with a company that I frequently do business with. So, I called customer service to address the reason for my call. On the other end of the phone was a customer service representative with whom I instantly knew the call was not going to go smoothly. In an effort to not be rude myself, I proceeded graciously with the call, explaining the matter I needed assistance with.

Of course the call went just as I suspected it would. The owner of the disagreeable voice on the other end would not help me with my problem, and gave me every reason, valid or invalid, on why she could not do what I was asking.

After some back and forth with her, I politely asked to speak to someone else, as I felt her and I were talking in circles. She transferred me to another person and my issue was handled promptly. In fact, the purpose for my call was resolved in just a few minutes!

After hanging up, I kept thinking about the first person I spoke with and why she felt the need to be so unhelpful. Well, before I knew it, and without even realizing I did it, I mistakenly grabbed some of her negative energy, just by thinking of our interaction. This is a ‘rookie mistake’ that should not have happened, given my level of metaphysical experience and training, but it did. As soon as I discovered my slip up, I immediately released her toxic energy. I put the whole incident out of my mind and went about my day… or I thought I did.

Unknown to me was the fact that when I mistakenly connected to her, I also took on her negative energy, like a vacuum cleaner sucking up dirt. And because I was unaware that I had done this, I did not do the normal cleansing of my energy that I would normally do after connecting and doing a reading for someone.

It’s the simplest properties that will help you clear yourself of negativity … The profound power of a simple prayer. The strength of a deep breath. The gentle guidance of good music ~ Jeffrey Wands

Through the rest of that day I felt myself being irritable, impatient and getting angry at the slightest things, which is very unlike me normally. Friends that I saw throughout the day commented in a nice way that I had a certain scowl on my face, in place of my normal smile. Later that day, I found myself irritated by my family. I was lashing out at them, wanting to lock myself in the bedroom to get away from them. I was even refusing to cook dinner, and so on.

During all of this going on, I kept wondering, what in the world is wrong with me? Why do I feel like this? Why are these small things bothering me so much? The only conclusion I could come to was that I must just be tired and irritable, and left it at that.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I awoke and did my normal meditation to touch base with my spirit guides and angels, and get ready for the day, that I was informed of the truth. To be more accurate, I was actually giggled at by my healing guide Mary, who reminded me that I had forgotten the very necessary and very important step of clearing my energy after connecting with someone the previous day.

Puzzled by what my guide had shown me, because I definitely remembered clearing my energy after finishing my last reading for the day, I questioned her on how that was possible. In turn I got a loving smile, much like a mother gives her child when the child is naively confused, and I was reminded of the phone call I had with the unhelpful customer service agent. Ever so lovingly, I was shown a replay of the sequence of events that took place throughout the rest of the day, and the effect that stranger’s energy had on me.

I was shocked. It took only a second of our energy interacting, for me to inadvertently take on so much of her negative energy that it changed my whole outlook on the entire rest of the day. It would have continued to do so the next day, had I not questioned things and asked for spiritual help.

This incident reminded me how important it is, no matter who you are or what you do for a living, to clear your energy. We only have so much space in our aura and our lives for energy, and when most of that space is taken up by someone else’s negative energy, it does not leave much room for the positive. And this makes it very difficult to graciously handle even the simplest inconveniences that happen in our everyday life. Given the huge impact this whole experience had on my life and my mental state, as well as the people around me, I realized once again how important it is to clear one’s energy.

Energy is the currency of the universe. When you ‘pay’ attention to something, you buy that experience. So when you allow your consciousness to focus on someone or something that annoys you, you feed it your energy, and it reciprocates the experience of being annoyed ~ Emily Maroutian

One of the simplest ways I know to clear my energy is to close my eyes, take a deep breath in, hold the breath and picture in my mind a bright white light surrounding me. Then I slowly exhale my breath while surrounding myself in that protective white light. I like to do this psychic shielding exercise a couple of times a day, as sort of a maintenance strategy between doing readings.

Another way I have been taught to clear my energy entails a little more effort and is harder to do on the go, so to speak.  So, I reserve this one for when a full-blown clearing is in order, such as the experience I had with the customer service representative, for example. Think of this method as a comprehensive energy release and refill, much like you do when you wash your clothes in the washer. The washer fills up with water, the water swishes around and becomes dirty, because the cloths in the washer are dirty, the washer drains the dirty water, and refills with clean water, again swishes around, and empties leaving your clothes fresh, bright and clean. That is the best way to explain the process of this method. I have found it is best to practice this method when you are sure you will not be disturbed and can complete the process without interruption.

For me, being a double earth sign (Taurus sun sign and rising sign) I have found that Mother Earth, and being in nature, works best for me. But I recommend finding what works best for you, as I have friends that have found a hot bath or being near water works best for them (probably since they are also water signs). The point is to find a place of peace for yourself – that place that when you go there you feel peace coming over you.

Once you are in the special place, find a comfortable spot and sit or lie down. Let your body feel at ease, take deep cleansing breaths in and out slowly, allow your mind to wander as you listen to sounds around you. I like to sit with my hands resting on my thigh’s palms up, as my palms tend to get warm and cold as I do this. I was once told by Mary, my healing guide, that the reason for my palms being hot on the left, and cool on right, is that energy is moving through my body. Positive energy flowing in is warm and negative energy flowing out is cool.

As you sit in your happy place, breathe slowly in and out, enjoy the ambient sounds around you, and make an effort to keep your mind focused on your breathing and the noises you hear. Resist the urge to start thinking of problems in your day, or things you must do. Just be in the moment, enjoy the peace.

I can usually tell when I have spent enough time doing this because my palms will slowly start to return to normal temperature. Continue to do the breathing and calming of your mind until you experience whatever your trigger happens to be. This is unique to each person.

I was prompted to write this blog by my healing guide Mary, after my experience I detailed in this blog. It is my true hope that everyone that needs this information finds it and that it helps people to recognize when you’ve mistakenly taken on negative energy, as I did.

About The Author: June

June is an experienced and gifted reader in Indiana, near Lake Michigan, who enjoys the peace of the woods and the energy it provides her. A double Taurus, led by earthy and dependable Venus, she will help you to navigate your life on a steady course. Many come to her at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn, or even how to move forward. Not only does June lift the obstacles and show you your path, but she also helps you to embrace the positive light that will guide you. She's helped numerous people in all areas of life for the past fifteen years, and has honed her abilities as an active member of her Spiritualist Church, by helping others in her congregation. For many years she's enjoyed a front row seat to witness all the events play out, just as she was shown by her Guides. June inherited her gifts from the generations that came before her, but she also finds new skills popping up unexpectedly with clients. Mary and Suzie are the Spirit Guides she works with, and she delivers their messages in a style that suits each of her client's particular needs that day. June has been a high-rated reader on the internet, as well, and enjoys the accessibility the internet provides, so people can easily find her. If you'd like to find a highly accurate reader who gets her messages out quickly, and who can raise you up high on your path, you can find June at

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  • Hi,I’ve been reaching out,trying to find out why I’m bieng taken down or blocked or stocked,in different ways,also homeless over 3 years,with health issues,just need a clear message it’s been a mixed messages year,thank you for any information..

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