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My Childhood Near Death Experience

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAcccess.comI am currently writing my thesis on Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and I have discovered recently that I had an NDE myself as a child. An NDE is when someone clinically dies, but then comes back to life, and lives to tell about it.

There were blocks of time in my childhood which were ‘spotty’ and had huge gaps in them. While I was reading the book Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie, I had a flashback of my first NDE. The event happened when I was about nine years old. I remember one summer I was really sick. I had an upper respiratory infection which turned into pneumonia. I remember staring out the window, seeing the neighborhood children playing, but I could not join them. The doctors couldn’t find an effective antibiotic to combat my pneumonia.

One afternoon, I was given some cold medication and strong antibiotics. I went to take a nap and suddenly I couldn’t breathe! I struggled to catch my breath. I passed out on the bed. I was moving through a tunnel into the light. I remember my grandmother meeting me and holding my hand. It was my father’s mother, whom I never knew in this life! She died very young when my dad was only 19 years old.

I looked up at her recognizing her from pictures my dad had in a photo album. I remember being told I would be okay and was to be sent back. I cried and cried, because I wanted to get to know my grandmother. She had a rounded face. Her hair was dark brown and really curly. She told me it was time to go back, as it wasn’t my time. I woke up in my bed full of sweat and tears.

Near-death experiences can and do occur in children, quite possibly even among youngsters in pre-linguistic developmental stages ~ Nancy Evans Bush

I didn’t tell anyone about it. I was too traumatized from the experience. It took another round of antibiotics to kick the pneumonia out of my system. I know my mother had a time with it, as it took a good two months before I felt better.

When I think back to what was shown to me recently, it all makes sense. I blocked it out, because I wasn’t meant to remember it until now. The NDE would have scared me if I had remembered it until now.

It is interesting to note my great aunt had many NDE’s as well.  There have been studies done on NDE’s and there is a familial connection. My great aunt lived with my family for a while. She told me stories about her NDE’s. She told me one when she was three years old and the angels coming to get her and then brought her back. They told her she was needed because her mother (my great grandmother) lost a child recently and it would give her a nervous breakdown to lose my great aunt as well. It was nice to talk to my great aunt about my experiences. I felt I had a kindred spirit in her.

An NDE can happen at any age and they do happen to children. It happened to me. And I can confirm that when you are embraced by the light, you are changed forever.

About The Author: Angelic Amy

Amy's two near death experiences (NDE's) pushed her natal psychic abilities into overdrive and her story is featured in a famous psychic medium's new book! She's experienced a rich life full of more ups and downs than most encounter in a lifetime, which has only helped her connect to her clients on a deeper level. Tapping into her clairvoyant, clairaudient and Mediumship abilities, Amy is a prominent radio show host, has appeared on other radio shows, and is a popular Tarot reader at Psychic Fairs and parties. This native New Yorker is an experienced energy healer, a Reiki Master, and channels gentle Angelic energies through an Integrated Energy Therapy Technique. It's an honor for Amy to help you in your time of need. If that time is now, you can find this gifted psychic at

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