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How To Stop Doubting Your Inner Guidance

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe’ve all been there. You get that feeling in your gut, that inner knowing, the ringing in your ear. Whichever way spirit uses to tap you on the shoulder, to let you know, “Hey pay attention!”, we’ve all doubted it at some point. Sometimes with dire consequences.

In the moment, it doesn’t always seem like that big of a deal. Yes, you know what you should do instead, but for whatever reason you talk yourself out of believing that you are receiving guidance. And then you do the facepalm later on and say to yourself, “I knew that! Why didn’t I listen?”

What’s the harm in doubting our guidance?

– We reinforce limiting beliefs,
– We hold ourselves back from living our purpose,
– We limit our ability to help ourselves, let alone anyone else,
– We muddy our connection to Source,
– We are holding ourselves in a low vibration,
– We self-sabotage,
– We limit ourselves from trusting.

Be willing to trust your instincts, especially if you cannot find answers elsewhere ~ Brian Koslov

Why do we doubt our guidance?

– We are often letting other people’s opinions hold us back,
– We let limiting old family beliefs take over our mind,
– We don’t have a solid connection, so we don’t feel confident,
– We don’t think we are worthy to be receiving it in the first place,
– We haven’t learned to manage our energy and don’t receive the guidance clearly.

How do you get past the doubt? Well first, commit to a daily practice of connecting. For many, that may look like practicing breathing throughout the day. I love doing ‘the five.’ Five deep breaths five times a day. This does multiple things for you:

– It creates a habit of connecting throughout the day, this is how it becomes second nature
– It gives you multiple opportunities to refocus your attention and energy during the day
– You are relaxed, at least five times a day, this benefits your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
– It gives you permission to pay attention to you!

I go by the gut. I might not appear to have any talent but I’ve got plenty of gut instinct ~ Haruki Murakami

Once you’ve shown yourself that the world won’t end if you give yourself a few moments, you can really dig in and create a more personal daily practice.

We came here to live life to our fullest and shine our lights. To shine the brightest we need to be plugged into Source. We can’t do that if we don’t give ourselves at least a little time every day.

About The Author: Joy

Joy stepped into her soul's purpose more than two decades ago, and has been intuitively counseling others ever since. She started on friends, with advice and healing energy, and then she continued to expand her knowledge base and abilities. Joy spent several years immersing herself in the metaphysical, reading constantly, attending classes, and meditating extensively. She knew, because of the fulfillment she received by giving free readings to others, being in service was her true calling in life. When her Guides made it clear she needed to counsel people full-time, she knew it was time to make it her business, but always with the intent of serving others. If there's one thing she's learned over the years, it is to never stop learning or practicing her craft. For the last several years, she's either worked from home or traveled to clients' houses for Medium or psychic reading parties. Joy believes the purpose of her soul is to service others, providing clients with a full-service spiritual makeover! Joy offers detailed guidance and insights from her Guides, Spirit and the Angelic realm to help her clients heal, thrive and fulfill their destiny. Experience a reading with Joy at

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  • The practice of self witnessing I believe helps. Or they call it, Internal silence. The ability to discern from the “I” and looking indulging into pure sense intuition. The sharper the observation skills get the more clarity one receives. I tend to do mini silent meditations to really hear my gut speaking to me. The more silent we get the more we’re in tuned with our True Will. Thank you.

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