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Successful New Year’s Resolutions

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comDid you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? I suspect most of us have done this at least once in our lives. But did you accomplish them? If not, have you ever stopped to wonder why? Too often, we do not reach our goals.

Year after year people make New Year’s resolutions, but few follow through on it, and then it becomes just another hopeful New Year ending with another series of failed pledges and personal promises. Whether it is to quit smoking, lose weight, change lifestyle habits… the plan is usually good, but the will, is weak.

Many of us just seem to fall off our new track and back onto the old one. We can’t seem to make a change of habit. We don’t take the time. We don’t keep up the positive self-talk. We don’t make a real plan to reach our goal. We just seem unable to get our head around it!

But here’s a plan to create suggestions or affirmation you can say to yourself, which may help you reach more of your goals.

Just do it. Regardless of what your New Year’s resolution is, write a suggestion or a series of suggestions that you can feed your mind throughout the day. Just follow these simple rules of self-suggestion and then create your own.

New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Make it simple. Short and sweet and to the point. The simpler the suggestion the easier the mind can compute and follow.

Make it positive. Do not use words in your resolution like not, don’t or want. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to smoke cigarettes,” you can say, “I am smoke free.”

Make it believable. Your goal should be realistic. “I’m going to lose 50 pounds this month,” is not realistic. Your mind will not accept it, and you will not achieve it. Saying, “I eat healthy, nutritious food in the proper proportions, and I exercise daily so that I lose 4 to 10 pounds this month,” is much more believable and more achievable.

Make it in the present tense. For example, “I will eat properly” puts the action into the future. “I will,” means later, not in the moment. “I am,” means doing something in the present and requires action now. Don’t use the word will when making your resolution. Start right now. Today.

Make it measurable. Plan how much and when. Without a measure you might not find the time in the day necessary to dedicate to your goal. You need to project when and how much time and effort you will realistically devote. “I walk 30 minutes every morning at 6:00.” See, it contains how much and when, you can measure your time with it. Now get it done.

Make it rewarding. Our minds have the habit of looking for rewards. That’s a good habit to include in your plan. Most everything we do has a reward. You work, you get paid. You help someone, you feel good. You do a good thing, you treat yourself. Don’t make the reward something that goes against your goal like, “I eat correctly all day and reward myself with a candy.” How about simply, “I eat correctly all day and feel great about myself!” That’s a reward for true change.

The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

So, here’s an example of a positive suggestion for reaching optimal weight:

I walk 30 minutes every morning at 6:00 and feel great about myself.

See how this resolutions affirmation meets the six part criteria.

Positive – No negative words are used.

Believable – Yes, unless you can’t walk.

Present tense – No future or past tense.

Simple – A single sentence that is very specific

Measurable – Yes, every morning, 6:00, 30 minutes

Reward – Yes, feel great about myself.

Ok, so what’s your New Year’s resolution? What do you want for yourself. Who are you going to become? Do you seek change? Create powerful suggestions to feed your subconscious mind, over and over, and make a new more satisfying habit than the one you left behind. See, it’s a plan. Don’t underestimate the power of the subconscious mind.

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