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Maintaining Your Vibe In Crappy Situations

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSo many people (I used to be one of those people) ask me how they can make a crappy situation in their life better. They say to me, “If I can’t control other people, how can I make the situation better?” Or, “I get that it’s them, but I still don’t feel good about it and I have to be there! So what can I do?”

It’s simple really. But you have to shift your perspective on things, before you can be aware of the solution. When you are viewing anything from your human experience, it can seem impossible to have a good outcome. So, here are a few things you can do.

Firstly, take a deep breath and remember, this moment is only temporary and you are abundant Source energy. You are the creator of your reality.

Secondly, shift your perspective from physical consciousness to universal consciousness. This opens you up to have this experience from a detached state of awareness. Detach from the negative, and attach to the positive.

Thirdly, there is always something positive. Focus on that. This is your time to shine. Choose what you are focusing on and you will create that experience for yourself.

The key is realizing that no one else’s experience has an impact on you, unless you allow it. You choose what you focus on and you choose how it makes you feel.

It is not a person or situation that affects your life; it is the meaning you give to that person or situation, which influences your emotions and actions. Your choice is to change the meaning you gave it or to change your response, in order to create the outcome you want ~ Shannon L. Alder

No, you can’t stop your rude uncle from blurting out inconsiderate things, or stop your drama queen cousin from making it all about her. But you can choose to focus on the people you love and the positive things that are happening. You can choose to recognize that you are infinite, and this current unpleasant experience is merely a ‘blip in time.’

In the most simple terms, the truth about maintaining your positive vibe in uncomfortable situations is, well, to choose to maintain your positive vibe. This is how and why you are the creator of your reality.

About The Author: Joy

Joy stepped into her soul's purpose more than two decades ago, and has been intuitively counseling others ever since. She started on friends, with advice and healing energy, and then she continued to expand her knowledge base and abilities. Joy spent several years immersing herself in the metaphysical, reading constantly, attending classes, and meditating extensively. She knew, because of the fulfillment she received by giving free readings to others, being in service was her true calling in life. When her Guides made it clear she needed to counsel people full-time, she knew it was time to make it her business, but always with the intent of serving others. If there's one thing she's learned over the years, it is to never stop learning or practicing her craft. For the last several years, she's either worked from home or traveled to clients' houses for Medium or psychic reading parties. Joy believes the purpose of her soul is to service others, providing clients with a full-service spiritual makeover! Joy offers detailed guidance and insights from her Guides, Spirit and the Angelic realm to help her clients heal, thrive and fulfill their destiny. Experience a reading with Joy at

2 Responses to Maintaining Your Vibe In Crappy Situations

  • I live in a really small town where I went to school, I always bullied mean people where it is hard to control your reactionary self by taking things personally! This article was not only concise oh, it was so come packed with all the hundred and sixty self-help books I have read, amazing!!!!!!
    I’m not asking for a free reading, I’m just looking for quick confirmation. I struggled with abuse and alcoholism for several decades so, now that I have sobered up people in the small town I grew up with still treat me poorly, what can I do, or what shall I read?

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