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The Power To Manifest

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn spirituality and metaphysics the term manifesting is used frequently. To manifest means ‘to create.’ I’m a firm believer we are co-creators of the world we live in. How is that possible? Energy is what our world consists of, and manifesting something is basically manipulating this energy to change or influence our reality. Now this sounds a bit like ‘dark magic’ or something negative, but let me assure you, the manifesting I’m referring to is neither.

Have you ever become obsessive over something? Obsessed with getting a job, or to be in a relationship, or fearing that someone is cheating on you? I mean extremely obsessive to the point of constantly fretting over it? Well, this ‘thing,’ this concept that was just an idea or a thought, eventually becomes reality. Was it coincidence? Was it magic? Maybe both. What people don’t realize is by feeding their thought energy into something, they really can make it happen.

I have a friend who was so sure her boyfriend was cheating. It was all she could focus on. She didn’t have any proof, just a suspicion. This went on for years. She’d stalk his social media accounts, talk to people, check his phone, and even try to catch him some place he wasn’t supposed to be. She’d ask him all the time if a specific girl was something more than a friend. He would always insist it was just friendship. In the end, he in fact, was cheating on her. My question for you is, do you think her constant obsession, asking him questions and thinking about it non-stop, actually created the energy for him to cheat? Perhaps. Maybe her mentioning her concerns to him actually planted the seed that led to him being with another woman. Or was this just a coincidence? You be the judge.

You are the author of your life. If you don’t like how it goes, write it differently ~ Iva Kenaz

So, what exactly is manifesting in the spiritual world? Manifesting is creating something. It doesn’t always mean creating something positive, nor does it mean negative. We could focus our intentions so much on being afraid of getting in trouble for something, let’s say for drinking and driving, and worry so much about it so often, and the one time we drink and drive… we are pulled over and arrested! That’s an example of a negative manifestation.

An example of a positive manifestation would be wanting a house, for example, and wanting this house so bad you are constantly dreaming of it. Maybe you are pulling pictures out of magazines, of features you want, and watching home shows, or making a vision board perhaps, talking over and over about it. And then one day, in your house search, you find it… your dream home! That’s a perfect example of positive manifestation.

You must give your energy and time to that which you wish to cultivate rather than to resisting that which you don’t want. Remember, you only have so much energy to go around, use it to help and not hinder yourself! ~ Akiroq Brost

The power of the Law of Attraction, positive intentions and positive thinking, can be stronger than anything you can imagine. But we must also be cautious with deliberate attempts at manifesting. For instance, wishing harm on someone else, or an intent to manipulate someone else’s free will, will come back to haunt you later. I believe in the concept of karma, it is real. Plus, you only hurt yourself. Never wish to hurt someone or do something bad to other people. First and foremost do no harm. It’s also really important to focus on what is in our highest and best interest, and bless others in the process.

You have the power to manifest inside of you, we all do. Learning how to fine tune the craft and work from your heart is most important. Be generous in heart and spirit. It’s great to create a life that you are happy with, and it is always also important to be grateful for what you have. Always be appreciative, even when it feels like things aren’t going right at the moment. Being in a state of gratitude helps open more doors for the Universe to bring in more blessings. No one likes a greedy, selfish person, including the Universe.

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