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Strength In Frailty

click here for a free reading at PsychicAccess.comThe wise accept that it is sometimes best to give in when under pressure. Sun Tzu was a great teacher in the art of flexibility in leading his people, through teaching, education, art, poetry and the art of grace. To his people, this was magic. It meant listening to his opponent, pointing out his strengths, not cornering them, and letting them have a way out to continue their way of life.

He was a great artist and poet, and was known not as a warrior, but as a visionary and leader. Now little is left of this art of grace, the art of diplomacy, of delegation. This art requires a delicate balance of self-control and sacrifice, which need not always be exhibited by one person alone. There is strength in frailty, and showing humility and spirit in the face of great pressure. It will always demonstrate the greater need to preserve one’s people over the greed of self-preservation and ego, seen over the many reigns of the great emperors of past.

One could fight to the very end, but yet to what end? At what cost? So many people seem to feel one should take a small point of contention and fight it down to its last little molecule of dust. For what?

One of the greatest teachers in history was a Chinese Empress who taught her people how to read and articulate, so that they never felt outclassed, as there was no formal schooling for the non-ruling class. She was one of many in history, but she was a brief light in a long line of dynasties.

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle ~ Sun Tzu

The Koreans actually invented the printing press to preserve cultural history for its people, and as such were able to write about their victories, as well as their losses. It was also beautifully emulated in the French Bayeaux Tapestry, which is 70 meters long and illustrated to the people the victories, and the losses of their nation. These lessons were so important in being able to describe dearly fought lessons in morals and values as cautionary tales.

Cautionary tales is often better able to deliver moral information, as opposed to constant full contact information, like we get all day long these days. We need to experience life to write it – and not get it not only from one writer, but from the people and from the persons who lived the experiences and losses, or who expressed it in their art. In the past, this was a gift given by governments and emperors to be used to deliver news to the people, to help one another, to not extinguish each other’s expression, and with that, so many forms of art were born to express religion and different forms of spirituality.

So, in really expressing your truth, be sure not to position it from the point of defense, but from truth, and leave open a question, “What can I do for you, and what can I do better, as that particular instance hurt me?” I can assure you that the opposing view will agree they will have an equal position and query for you, which can be communicated in an equal and fair manner, which will diffuse your argument.

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