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Past Life Curiosity

click here for a free reading at PsychicAccess.comPast lives and reincarnation is something that not everyone believes in. Personally, I am not sure either. What exactly is a past life anyway? Sometimes I feel it is a familiar memory from our past, which triggers a feeling of familiarity, and sometimes I think it’s multi-dimensional.

A past life is best described as a different time period in which your soul lived. But with time being man made, an idea to measure things, this idea hypothesis could also be a subconscious memory from this current lifetime that feels familiar. Confused? Good. Me too!

It is also referred to by experts as an incarnation. It allegedly may have been many, many years ago, or not so long ago. It is a unique experience for each individual soul.

I believe our souls have the opportunity to live in multiple lifetimes, in multiple dimensions at the same time. This typically happens if our soul hasn’t learned all the lessons it was meant to, before retiring to heaven. Or sometimes it’s just because our souls aren’t ready to be done.

Some people have many past lives, and some people may only have one or two. Again it is a very unique individual experience for each soul. It’s also based on personal belief. There is some  very compelling evidence documented, all over the world, of children who are able to describe their past lives and how they died. This is why I don’t rule it out.

Although scientists and psychiatrists insist there are neurological explanations for these phenomena, others believe these strange feelings could be vague, fleeting memories of past lives ~ Stephen Wagner

Usually a past life is not something we can easily recall in our current life. At the start of every life our memory is wiped clean, so we grow up ‘fresh’ and with no memory of the last one. But why? Although we are ‘reset,’ our souls still hold on to, and remember fragments from previous lifetimes. Our souls feel old wounds, old memories and sometimes there are remnants that seep through. A lot of times we will get a preview of this during a dream, a meditation, or when we might even be sick. There is something that comes out in us that we didn’t know where it came from.

For example, let’s say a person has always been irrationally afraid of fire. Maybe they were burned alive in a previous life. We can have all sorts of wounds that have carried over from the past, that we didn’t even know we are holding on to. How can we heal from this? The most popular option would be to do a past life regression reading.

Through meditation one can also access this kind of memory form a previous lifetime. It typically has something to do with meditation and asking yourself questions while in meditation. This can help answer many questions you might have. Meditate on your own, work on your own wounds, healing things from the past with the help of your guides and higher self.

I’ve always been one to be drawn to the energy of certain places. Have you ever felt this? Have you ever felt curious about a period of time, a location, or an event, but it’s much more than curiosity? Fascination, obsession, wonder and awe is how I would describe this feeling.

Being a natural intuitive I sense that I may have had multiple past lives and possibly more than I’m even aware of. Since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated, to the point of learning everything I can of Ancient Egyptian times, for example. The pyramids, the way the people lived, the culture, everything about that time period I have always found intriguing.

Clearly there’s something about these stories that draws us in; indeed, although both past life regression and reincarnation are frequently regarded as pseudoscience ~ Lucia Peters

Another time period and place I’ve always wanted to know more about, since I can remember, is the Renaissance. I’ve read hundreds of novels, done research and traveled to Europe.  I’ve also been fascinated with the Wild West of America of the late 1800s, and how the people lived in that era. I have also been equally curious about the legends of King Arthur and Merlin.

Due to these keen interests and insights I received in meditation, I believe I might have had past lives in those places and times, although I’ve never had a past life reading myself.

Are there areas in the world, time periods in history that you are drawn to? Periods in time that you always want to know more about, or a thirst for knowledge about these things, and you can’t even explain why you’re drawn to it. The first step is simple, and it’s something I always am suggesting to my clients: meditate. Listening to your higher self and your guides is the best way to begin, and then take it from there.

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