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click here now for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comEnergies have been tense lately. Many friends, clients, co-workers and like-minded souls agree the energies have been cloudy, heavy, and even ‘floaty’ and ‘spacey.’ What does this all mean? It feels like we are in a fog… delayed and slowed, as if drugged.

Things are confusing, and hard to see through when this happens. But why is this happening? Most of the energies we are all commonly feeling at this time has to do with the planetary alignments. When planets are in certain signs they create different energies. Each planet and each sign has a job to do – its own energy to represent inside of us. Right now we are being forced to review things.

Yet, I’m not going to talk specifically about planets and Astrology right now. Instead these are spiritual messages I received whilst meditating.

By the way, meditation I highly recommend. It is a great way to be centered and grounded, especially when feeling ‘floaty.’ Meditation is wonderful for so many reasons. It connects us to Source, nature, Earth and many positive protective energies. Meditation helps with self-reflection; and it helps with stress and quieting the mind so answers can come. It also helps with holistic health and healing, and much more. In our society, with social media, and a million per minute distractions, it is so easy to end up caught up in our heads. As exercise is healthy for the body, meditation is healthy for the mind.

Don’t spread negativity, that stuff is contagious and ruins us. The good news is, positivity can also be contagious and it lifts us ~ Joshua Neik

Anyway, while meditating today it came to me why things are feeling the way they are these days. Right now we are called upon by the Cosmos to review, and reflect. Review upon our lives. Some of our heavy feelings are because of the things that we are surrounding ourselves with.

So, what is the Universe trying to tell you? To take stock in your surroundings. What’s dragging you down? You need to decide this for yourself. But how? The answer is more simple than you think: meditate. Listen to yourself, your guides, your intuition. Take a look around you and see what feels drab, dry, old, stale, sad, and anything else you can identify that drags you down. What do you look at? Everything. Anything.

I know this seems very vague, so let’s find a jumping off point. I’m going to make some suggestions, but don’t limit yourself. You are after all… unlimited! My suggests are a place to begin to spark further insight within you.

So, where can you begin? Look at the people you spend your time and energy on, for in reality, time is in fact energy. Who do you surround yourself with? Look at your relationships, not just romantic but all your relationships. Are there individuals that you regret knowing, or feel dread or negative emotions around more often than not? Does someone come into mind when you talk about these qualities? Do multiple people come up? Cut the cord!

I know it’s easier said than done, but allowing people to suck your positivity from you, like a tick or leach, is literally draining you. Although it might be hard and there maybe some drama attached to letting go of these challenging people, your best bet is to distance yourself from them. As I’ve grown older I’ve become much more selective of who I allow into my life. Everything is energy and this includes other people. In order to feel positive it is important to only allow high vibration people around you.

A very important part of our lives that people forget to reflect on, and the level of happiness it causes or not, is our career and work. Most of us think of our employment as ‘just work.’ If you are lucky enough to work in a job you love, you are definitely in the minority. Most people work because they have to pay the bills. Typically we try very hard to leave work at work, and home at home. Unfortunately, all too often leaving work at work has become impossible for many of us. Instead we are overwhelmed by constant emails, phone calls, and text messages. We are expected to be available 24/7, with no personal life. Again, take stock of your priorities, your feelings and your needs. Do you go to work excited and happy? Do you go to work dreading each minute and counting down the minutes until it is over? Maybe it’s time to really, truly reflect on your happiness at work. If you’re unhappy, it may be time to move on to a new job.

It would be easy to become a victim of our circumstances and continue feeling sad, scared or angry; or instead, we could choose to deal with injustice humanely and break the chains of negative thoughts and energies, and not let ourselves sink into it ~ Erin Gruwell

Don’t get me wrong- I am not advising anyone to up and quit their job. But, if you’re not happy, see if there’s something you can change. There usually is! If you like your job, but not the people, or you like the people but not the position, or maybe it’s just not the line of work you see yourself in, then explore alternatives and other possibilities. Consider what you really want or need. Where do you want your future to go? Maybe it’s time to go back to school, maybe it’s time to change companies. Only you and your guides can decide what’s best for you.

Now, this line of thinking goes for all areas of your life. How happy are you with your living circumstances? Would you like to own a home? Would you like to live near the water or in the forest? Perhaps you’d like to add on to your home, or downsize, or completely relocate. Are you happy with the people you allow in your life? What about your belongings? Do you have things in your home just taking up space? Do you have things that are broken for years just waiting for repair? Reminder: everything is energy! It’s time to purge. Pay it forward, if you have things that you don’t want, give it to a consignment shop, or sell it cheap online.

I promise you, when you have cut cords with all these things that are heavy, you’ll feel lighter… even with minor changes. Release what no longer serves you. This energy is here to help us revive ourselves. Declutter your life. It will help clear your mind. You will feel less bound by heavy energies. The Cosmos is there to help us look at things in our lives that we don’t typically look at. The energies want us to truly cut out things that are fake, phony, and overbearing.

We can’t fly unless we cut the dead weight. Now is the time to cut the weight. It will feel so refreshing to have a new mindset. You can help boost this with meditation, crystals, being in nature, and essential oils. Do whatever uplifts you.  And if you are struggling, reach out for a psychic reading. Remember you’re not alone, ever!

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