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Retrogrades Are Opportunities For Growth

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comHave you been feeling down and struggling lately? Over the past few months the cosmic energies have been really heavy and challenging. However, one thing to really think about is point of view. Everything in life is about perspective. That old saying of when life gives you lemons make lemonade is a perfect example.

When planets in general are retrograde, especially Mercury, all too often people tend to find the potential ‘challenges’ and the negativity in that energy. I feel retrograde planets are not about negativity, but about using our energy to help us.

The planets each represent something, and aspect of our lives. It’s different for each of us, depending on our own personal birth chart. Planets influence all different categories and parts of our lives and just like every area in our lives, things ebb and flow. We have to fumble and fall sometimes with mistakes in order to grow and learn.

That is how I see planets when they go retrograde. What is this planet and this energy trying to teach me? Where can I grow? How can I work with this energy so it will be most beneficial, instead of working against it. Swimming upstream will always be difficult, and exhausting but if we learn how to go with the flow of the river it becomes much more beneficial.

When multiple planetary retrogrades happen at the same time, they bring even more lessons to be learned and more chances to rise to a new level in all areas of life ~ Katalina Aster

This year many planets have been retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde four times each year and recently came out of it’s retrograde cycle. The other planets that were recently retrograde are Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. These planets have all taught us something individually in our own journeys. While they were retrograde, it was a time to reflect and learn, to grow.

Now that so many planets are direct again, the energies have lifted, they are lighter and it doesn’t feel as such a weight has been pressed on us. It’s time again for lift off, to soar. Those who did the work have gained greater maturity, insight, knowledge and much more since we have had time to reflect and turn inwards (which is another thing retrograde planets do).

In general, we have survived the eclipse season and all of the retrogrades. Life is lightening up and things are full speed ahead. What are you speeding towards? Set clear intentions, plan your path and take care of yourself! If you are unsure of what paths to take, reach out for a reading.

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