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My Father’s Validation From The Other Side

Click here to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI can’t believe it will be five years since my dad’s passing. But he does make sure to let me know he is watching over me from the other side. I had an interesting visitation when I was talking about my dad to a friend of mine some time ago.

She lost her husband over a year ago. We were comparing notes about how difficult these men were to be with when they were in this life, and in some ways how they taught us about men in general. Later, when we were walking out to our cars in the parking lot, a penny flew by my feet! Both my friend and I were astounded! I picked up the penny and it was coined in 2013 – the year my dad died. It was a shiny new one too.

After I picked up the shiny new penny, I jokingly asked, “You couldn’t have sent me a dime, or a quarter?” Then I heard his response clairaudiently, “Okay smarty pants!” I also smelled cigarette smoke, which is always an indication he is around. The man smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, which resulted in lung cancer, congestive heart failure, diabetes and ultimately his death.

There are many reasons why they return to visit, and you don’t have to be a medium or even go to one to experience the presence of a deceased loved one that you know personally. In fact, it’s incredibly common ~ Amanda Linette Meder

It is funny, I couldn’t post this blog article earlier. I tried to finish it, but something held me back. It was because of an incident that happened this morning. I was attending a group gathering at a Buddhist Temple. I was about to leave, when I looked down and there found a dollar bill on the ground. I picked it up, and heard, “Is that better?” I instantly knew it was my dad who placed that dollar bill on the ground. I knew he was around and was trying to get his point across from the penny he flung out in front of me a few months earlier… doing a ‘one up’ on me.

I find it interesting my father has decided to come through recently. I have always felt his presence, but it seems to be stronger lately. I kept the penny he threw at me, since he tells me, “There is more where that came from.” I feel he is trying to work from the other side and make up for all the heartache, pain, disappointment and frustration he caused. I use to tell him it wasn’t easy being his daughter, as he demanded more from me than I could give.

Sometimes, you might just be aware of a presence around you, other times there might be a more obvious sign that someone is trying to reach you… Experiences like these can mean that you are receiving signs from the spirit world. ~ Sue Nicholson

I never got verbal validation from him. He told other people, like friends and relatives, how proud he was of me, but never when I needed it from him directly. I feel he knows now, through his life review on the other side. A life review is when you review this lifetime when you first transition over and see what you learned and didn’t learn. I believe he understands now that he wasn’t the best father to me. How could he, when he didn’t have it to give in the first place?
I learned from my father’s life. I learned what to do and what not to do. I feel he is proud as he checks in on me from time to time. Sometimes you just never know how, or when those who have crossed over will come through. You just never know.

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