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The Truth About Your Ego

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe so often think of the ego as a bad thing. And we spend a lot of time deciding what level of ego is okay. The truth is, it’s all okay. It’s only our sense of self that makes us think someone’s ego is too big, or too small.

Let me elaborate. The ego is simply another tool we have to translate energy. The ego is simply our sense of self, our sense of identity, our sense of self-esteem or self-importance. That last one, self-importance, usually hits a cord with most people. But you are important, why shouldn’t you think so?

We often confuse ego-mania with the ego. We use these two words interchangeably, and therefore the ego has gotten a bad rap. Like anything balance is needed.

When we think of ego, we often think of someone who uses others to fuel their own sense of self. This isn’t ego, this is an imbalanced person who is grasping for a way to make themselves feel better, because they don’t see how truly amazing they are.

When I say ego, I’m talking about our straight up ego, the tool we use to identify ourselves from others. Our tool to have personal experiences.

Ego is a social fiction for which one person at a time gets all the blame ~ Robert Anton Wilson

Yes we are all one, we are all Source energy. Our ego is how we manifest that Source energy into our personal experience. Spirit has given me this example: Source energy is a giant lake, and as the water separates (vibration becoming more dense) we have the different levels of incarnations that we think of. We perceive ourselves as separate, but in reality we are still the same energy (it’s all Source), just in a different form (density) and location. Nothing about our true nature has changed, just how we are perceiving it, just how we are manifesting it.

And that’s why we incarnated. We incarnated into the physical to have personal experiences. So, when we talk of the ego as if it’s a bad thing, we are dishonoring our whole reason for being here, for being incarnated. When we see someone as thinking too highly of themselves, it is really a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Just because they think they are great, doesn’t mean they think we aren’t. But that is how most of us translate this.

We are all important, we are all amazing. We should all be shouting from rooftops how great we are. But we don’t. And most of us simply can’t. We are hung-up on that perception of ego. We are hung-up on what people will think of us if we acknowledge how much we love ourselves. The truth is, if they are anything other than excited for you, then they have their own issues.

All too often we let other peoples issues stand in the way of our own journey. We don’t want to make other feel less than, we don’t want to hurt their feelings, the list goes on. It is easy to use other peoples issues to hold us back. But what we are really doing is limiting ourselves and limiting everyone around us. Only we have the power to decide what affects us and the same is true for everyone else.

Here’s the huge contradiction. We don’t want to talk about how wonderful we are, but for some reason we believe that we wield the power to control everyone else’s personal experience. We don’t. If we are nasty to someone, we may be a jerk, but how they receive that is 100% up to them.

The Ego is an exquisite instrument. Enjoy it, use it – just don’t get lost in it ~ Ram Dass

Let’s try a shift in perception. We are all amazing. We should be telling everyone how great we are and how great they are. What does that look like? It means I love to spend time with myself, I’m worthy, I’m really good at, or proud of, many things.

When we start to let go of the belief that we shouldn’t praise ourselves, or receive praise, it frees us up to be in the moment and just experience. After all that’s what we came here to do. Experience in the moment and use that experience to move onto the next moment. Not to just have an experience and then live from that single point for the rest of our lives.

It is not the ego we need to let go off, but all the experiences the ego is holding onto – all the limiting beliefs, all the crap. The ego is just the tool we use to have the experience, but it gets all the blame. Just like you don’t blame the hammer for how it hit the nail, don’t blame the ego for the experiences.

Start using your ego for what it was meant for: to honor and experience yourself in this special, only-time-it-will-ever-happen version of you.

I love you and you are amazing. And guess what? I am too!

About The Author: Joy

Joy stepped into her soul's purpose more than two decades ago, and has been intuitively counseling others ever since. She started on friends, with advice and healing energy, and then she continued to expand her knowledge base and abilities. Joy spent several years immersing herself in the metaphysical, reading constantly, attending classes, and meditating extensively. She knew, because of the fulfillment she received by giving free readings to others, being in service was her true calling in life. When her Guides made it clear she needed to counsel people full-time, she knew it was time to make it her business, but always with the intent of serving others. If there's one thing she's learned over the years, it is to never stop learning or practicing her craft. For the last several years, she's either worked from home or traveled to clients' houses for Medium or psychic reading parties. Joy believes the purpose of her soul is to service others, providing clients with a full-service spiritual makeover! Joy offers detailed guidance and insights from her Guides, Spirit and the Angelic realm to help her clients heal, thrive and fulfill their destiny. Experience a reading with Joy at

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