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Choosing Your Outlook On Venus In Virgo

Click for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA personal goal is to one day become an astrologer, but there is so much to know! I find it utterly fascinating and feel it deserves undivided attention and time to truly study. One thing I have meanwhile learned about astrology and astrologers is that everyone’s opinion is different.

Astrologers tend to interpret the movements of the planets in their own personal way, just like a psychic interprets signs, cards and tools in their own way. To remain as objective as possible, I like to consult and check with several different astrologers, to get as many of the facts as possible. What one astrologer feels is a negative or challenging energy, or aspect, another may see as an opportunity, or a chance to work our magic and see the positive side of it.

For example, the planet Venus is currently in the zodiac sign of Virgo (until it transits into Libra on August 6th). There are two opposing points of view on whether this is a positive or negative astrological event. Some astrologers warn that Venus, ruler of love, relationships, money and finances, being in the cautious and discerning sign of Virgo, can cause us to get bogged down in the details.

We might be more critical, or self-critical at this time about relationships, partnerships, and related dynamics. The Virgo mindset can lead to over-thinking things like self-worth. People can get picky, critical, on edge and have some anxiety at this time, even towards close family members and friends. It can also cause us to be less patient with others.

Venus in Virgo is a devoted, loyal, and accommodating lover, once you have been found to fit the bill. Lest we forget, this is an earth sign, so Venus in Virgo is sensual and rather learned in the ways of pleasuring a partner ~ Anne Massey

In finances we may be more organized and detail-oriented as Venus helps us to come up with a plan to move towards goals. It can be a good time for creating a plan to bring in abundance and prosperity. But it can also cause us to be critical and judgmental towards ourselves, as well as others involved with your plans.

Another astrologer may interpret Venus in Virgo in the exact opposite manner. From this perspective, Venus in Virgo is a happy time. It is a good time for relationships and purification. It is a great time for Earth and Water Signs. Take care of yourself, treat yourself. This is about you perfecting you. Perfect and tailor your image, be more self-reflective of how you are coming across to others, how you present yourself. Be more specific and detailed about your appearance, what makes your feel good, what makes you feel confident. Honor it and bring it into your daily routine.

Virgo needs structure and routine, plans and things making sense. It is subtle and delicate beauty. It is a wonderful time to plan really simple beautiful dates. If looking for love or dating, go to gardens, yoga classes, whole foods, areas that are about the betterment of oneself and that make you feel good. Virgo is a sign of the gardener in many ways. Get outside in nature and spend time with small animals. Very simple activities can bring in love, pleasure and abundance. Make these things a priority, because it will bring in love or enhance your love life. It will be good all around.

This transit brings on very interesting qualities and energies. This is a time to relax and bask in the joy of fine arts, clean spaces, and Earthy tones. Venus acts as a sort of Himalayan salt lamp for romance – it can effectively rid your relationships of negative energies ~ Rhiannon Gessaman

I have said many times: we create our own lives. We co-create with energies around us, with Source, Universe, our guides and other people. It is easy to manifest things when we feed enough energy into it. A person who obsesses over their significant other cheating will eventually discover that person was in fact cheating, even if they weren’t originally. We speak and think things into existence. It is our choice to pick the positive spin, or the negative. Be cautious what you speak and think, if you find yourself going ‘darker’… pull yourself back to the light, remind yourself to think positively, think of things you want as if they already exist.

This was a brief look at two very different approaches to the current astrological energy. One is darker, one is lighter. You decide which information you like better, and follow that. I highly suggest that you follow the lighter. You will get more positives when you are lighter and of a higher vibration. Think negative and it will happen that way. Think positive and you get more of what you want!

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