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How To Survive Full Moon Sensitivity

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comEver notice that during a Full Moon your emotions are heightened? Some people also have trouble sleeping, while others can’t get enough sleep. It is also the time of a month when first responders and hospital emergency rooms tend to be more busy. Parents and teachers also tend to feel like they are running around like headless chickens around this time.

Personally, I find myself much more sensitive during this time. I can see the effects on my clients as well. During full moons I like to try to keep to myself and observe, it’s a good way to prevent these sensitivities from affecting me too much.

Full moon energy affects all of us, but the length and strength is different for everyone. Depending on our astrological charts, if the Moon is in an area of the zodiac that is an important aspect of our chart, it could deeply affect us. It is an individual experience to be sure.

There are many ways to reduce the effects of this challenging time. Some of these strategies have become major life savers for me when this time of month rolls around.


Firstly, it is vital to be more self-aware! Don’t take things too personally, remind yourself you are more sensitive right now and try to let go of moments that may not be worth fighting over. Keep yourself in check.

The full moon is a time of positive opportunity if you use it correctly. It can increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions ~ Jayme Barrett


Meditation can be very helpful during a Full Moon. Ideally, get out into nature and be one with Source, particularly in the moonlight. Or take a relaxing bath, with Epsom salt if possible.


A very important spiritual practice for me at this time is doing my own version of a full moon clearing ritual. I like to release things that are holding me back, or that are stopping me from moving forward in my highest and best. One of my favorite ways of doing this is to write a list of all the negative, stressful worries or concerns – things I want gone. I make the list as long or as short as I feel I need to at that particular time. I then go outside and burn the list, while envisioning that the fire is Spirit taking away my concerns. I set the intention to release all energies surrounding these lower vibrational things on my list to the Universe, God, Source Energy. I watch the smoke rise and say aloud, “I release all these concerns to you. They are no longer my problem. I trust that it will be healed and fixed in the right time, and as it is meant to be.”

Another version of this ritual I will do occasionally is to speak aloud under the Full Moon, with each statement beginning with, “I release…” I then speak one by one the things which are no longer mine: all the obstacles to my path, limiting believes, fears, doubts, attachment, suffering, pain, any situations, circumstances, people, places, things, thought patterns, beliefs and relationships that no longer serve me in my highest and best interest

The Full Moon’s effects on the biology of living organisms, including people, are very odd indeed. And the range of its effects is very great ~ Erin Dragonsong


I also like to sage smudge my home during this time. It helps reset the energies that have been collecting all month.

If you use crystals, this is a perfect time to recharge them in the moonlight. It helps erase negative energies and charge them with powerful positive magic energy from source.


Above all, remember, we create our own realities. Do your very best not to put negativity out there. If you find yourself getting into a negative funk, do something for yourself that would switch it around. Speak positive affirmations you want to see happen as if they already have. Full Moon energy and magic is very strong, universe is listening, be very careful what you put out. Positivity is the key.

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