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Social Survival Skills For Empaths

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comBeing an empath can be an incredibly helpful gift to have in day-to-day life. But living with this gift also has its challenges, and overcoming these are part of the journey for every empath.

While everyone’s gifts and experiences are unique, some life lessons seem to be very common among the empath community. Feeling misunderstood, or like you don’t quite belong, is a good example. I’ve heard this from so many empaths! Finding your tribe is incredibly important and helpful as you navigate your sensitivity. Connecting with people who understand you can support your growth and greatly increase your comfort as an empath.

I recommend finding a local meet-up group or development circle that focuses on the spiritual or metaphysical aspects you’re interested in, such as crystal healing, meditation, conscious living, and so forth. If none is available in your area, join an online group or forum. The idea is to find those who share your interests, and with whom you can explore those ideas.

Another habit it seems empaths often fall into is to constantly act as the ‘peace-keeper.’ Many empaths can’t help but feel responsible for maintaining social harmony between friends, family and co-workers. This puts so much pressure on the empath, as they try to figure out how to alleviate any tensions, and keep people at ease.

For there is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one’s own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels with someone, for someone, a pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echoes ~ Milan Kundera

Because the empath can literally feel the emotions in the people around them, it’s incredibly uncomfortable if those emotions become tense or unpleasant. It’s typically also in an empaths nature to want to help people. Feeling those in distress is like a beacon for us, and we always want to help!

Being sensitive to emotional energies means that even in lighthearted social encounters, you feel the undercurrent of the unsaid. You feel the true responses of those around you in an often physical way.

Let’s say you bump into someone you haven’t seen for a while and you ask them how they’re doing. They tell you they’re fine, but you feel a jolt of anxiety or sadness run through them. What do you do? As an empath you’ll likely feel the pull to help, but you don’t want to pry into this person’s private life. These kinds of encounters happen every day and add an extra layer of complexity to social situations.

So, what can an empath do to alleviate some of this pressure and keep from becoming drained by social engagements? The good news is there are lots of ways to do this! Here are a few techniques you may find helpful in your own journey as an empath.

Choose Your Battles

Although it can be uncomfortable, you have to sometimes let situations unfold without interfering. This is something that you have to explore while using good judgment. It’s essential to create boundaries for yourself as an empath, and choosing when to engage and when not to, is vital.

This can feel unnatural for an empath. When we feel discomfort or pain, our reaction is to offer comfort and hold space. This is a beautiful gift we can share. But some circumstances are just not ours to engage with.

When faced with a situation you aren’t sure you should get involved with, ask Spirit for guidance. What is in the highest and best good of all, here? It’s certainly possible to be compassionate and send healing, loving energy to the situation and people involved, without taking on the responsibility of mediating or resolving things on their behalf.

Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors ~ Andrew Boyd

Shielding Vs. Blocking

Shielding and blocking are terms you often hear when discussing energy. So, what’s the difference? And when do you use each?
This is also something for which the empath must use their own judgment. I find that in large crowds of people, I prefer to use a blocking technique. This is because I find with large groups there is just a sea of emotion and it can be quite intense energetically. Even when blocking, I typically still feel a dull throng of energy in a large crowd.

Shielding is a technique I like to use when I’m with smaller groups. Shielding is a softer energy than blocking and is more like filtering what you allow to pass through. You can still tune into the emotions, and this technique still welcomes the energy of others.

The main difference when using either of these techniques, is intent. Know what it is you want your block or shield to do. Take a few moments and focus inward on your breath. Center yourself and ground your energy. Connect with the energy of Mother Earth. You can visualize an energetic cord coming out of the base of your spine, connected to the center of the Mother Earth.

Once you’ve centered your awareness within, visualize a sphere of light encompassing your whole body. When I wish to block out energies, I visualize this sphere as a green ball of opaque light. Set the intention that with this sphere in place you are safe. You are undisturbed by the energies around you.

In the case of shielding, the process is essentially the same. The difference is in the intent and type of energy used to create a shield. The color of the sphere I like to visualize for shielding purposes is a translucent pink. This is because pink is a soft and healing color.

When shielding, you are still accepting the energies of others into your awareness, but doing so in a filtered way. This is where you can choose to disallow the heaviest of the energies to penetrate. Your shield should also serve two functions. First, to filter the energies coming through, and second to send healing energies to those around you.

I like to visualize the pink sphere of light emitting healing and loving ‘rays’ of energy. I’ve found this to have a calming effect in many situations and for some it can help communication come easier.

Being an empath is a wonderful gift, and a path I am grateful to walk. I believe that as empaths it is our mission to spread the way of compassion and fellowship. It brings with it different challenges and lessons, but with these come growth and a greater understanding of how Spirit moves within us all.

About The Author: Seraphim

Seraphim's natural Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Empathic abilities to receive messages and connect with Spirit first came to the fore in early childhood. Upon discovering her mom's Tarot deck, not long after her death, Seraphim was led on a journey that helped her to explore her vast gifts. Seraphim continues to receive steady guidance and messages directly from her Spirit Guides and Angels, and has maintained a steady and successful private practice based in Edmonton. She remains very active in her spiritual community, and often is called upon to lead local events. Self-taught, she's mastered Tarot Reading and a powerful technique called "Eye-Gazing" that allows her to convey precise information to the client. She works with "The Sacred Art of Creation", leading empowered women's circles that facilitate self-healing, manifestation and alignment. If you'd like a reading with a compassionate reader who can both hear and convey direct messages from Spirit Guides and Angels, you can find Seraphim at

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