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Prophecy And Belief

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe tradition of the ‘seer’ goes all the way back to the ancient Greek ages and before. For example, the Oracle at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece, was sought after for advice and well-known for her ability to offer wise counsel and prophecy. She and her handmaidens bore a deep obligation to aiding in this tradition. If Caesar had listened to her forewarning, he may have not had such a terrifying demise.

For many moons, we have had prophets and forms of divination that require analysis, such as Astrology, which is a deep form of study, and precognition which is unique to the person dreaming it – to be analyzed by the dreamer, not the person who would want to interpret it, and manners of organization, which may have actually have developed alphabets. Having studied Nostradamus, I am a bit ambiguous on some of the stanzas he wrote, though the principle is interesting.

But what makes a seer a prophet? We know that both Jesus and Muhammad were prophets. Odin, the widely revered god in Germanic mythology, drank from a well and was given unlimited powers to protect his people. Then there was the King Of Byzantium and a Christian prophet in the southern region of Europe, Constantinople, who led a successful campaign to protect his people based on a prophetic dream. What these persons all have in common is that they seemed to predominate in historically defined times throughout human history, which can be traced and measured through divination.

The ancient Oracle said that I was the wisest of all the Greeks. It is because I alone, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing ~ Socrates

Measured calendars were devised from these techniques, as can be found with the Aztecs and the Egyptians, whom were most unique in their influences. They worshipped their own form of the gods, all ascribed to the same heavenly bodies, which then were again shared in stories amongst many of the human tribes. Many were to be enjoyed and assimilated; many new stories were created and re-dreamed. And with that, you had testimonies, conversations with gods and great masters, dream versions, and historical accounts of the lives and instructions of their ancestors and deities. These were sacred and not to be stolen.

If one were to account for the last 3,000 years of writing, since the beginning of cuneiform in the West, we can see that the most simple forms of writing seem to say the same things we say now – except we traded the stories through new dreams, and new forms of communications. And only certain persons delivered this news. These myths affirm history and affirm the emperors and empresses of the skies, and laud the glory of the spirits of nature. Only personalities carried the news forth, not the writing, yet occasionally believers distorted their views – often out of hope and belief, and yet this was their right.

And if writing were to be destroyed, it often was a mark of the truth too stark for many. And often it survived through stories. This is why we have deep differences in the re-editions of the Bible, for example. These are good examples of changes of history. The further we go into the future of belief, indeed, the more similar the stories are, with the same tragedies for the kings and queens, the people and the persons, and the beauty and hopes that should not be abandoned.

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